Lime (Dockless Bicycle/Scooter Sharing System)

Lime is a fun, efficient, and healthy way to get around! Its goal is to provide a sustainable solution to transportation in an affordable and convenient way while also reducing the carbon footprint. Lime hopes to empower future generations to change their behaviors for the benefit of the planet.

LimeBike is scheduled to arrive in Golden Valley July 20. It currently operates in about 60 markets nationally, but this will be the first time the service comes to Minnesota. Watch this page for updates.

How Do You Use Lime?

  1. Download the Lime app.
  2. Using GPS tracking, the app will tell you where the nearest available bicycle is.
  3. When you find the bike or scooter, you scan its barcode and use the app’s payment system to unlock the ride. You can then ride it wherever you want to go. Unlocking a bike/scooter for use will cost $1. Customers would then be charged $1 for every 30 minutes with the ride ($1 for every 10 minutes for electric bikes), until the rental session ends.
  4. When you park the bike/scooter and end your rental session, you need to lock it, and it can only be used again when another Lime customer chooses to rent it.

Learn More

To learn more about Lime and to view instructional videos about its products, visit

Riders with concerns can contact Lime customer support at support@limebike.com1-888-LIME-345, or 1-888-546-3345. Issues also may be reported through the LimeBike smart phone app.