City Rotational Art Exhibits

The City features public art at Brookview and City Hall to give local and regional artists the opportunity to display, and by the artist’s choice, sell, their artwork in a location visible to the community.

Artwork is displayed in both buildings in rotating terms (generally three months each). The City sends RFAs to the art community and art facilitator groups twice a year. Art is selected in advance for each term of the next year.

Request For Artists Winter and Spring 2018/2019

Now Showing: Paintings, Jewelry, And Mixed Media

The work of three local artists are on display through the end of August 2018 at Brookview and City Hall.

Allie Hafez—Jeweler


Allie is acclaimed as a patient and inspiring instructor for beginners and experienced beaders alike. She teaches beading techniques to individuals and groups in both private homes and community-based settings. Her training and experience as an occupational therapist makes it possible for her to customize classes to the diverse abilities of her students.

Allie hopes someday to combine her skills as an artist and occupational therapist to help people with disabilities in developing countries participate in and contribute to their communities’ development of local arts and crafts businesses. She has taken a course in Cardboard Carpentry, which uses specialized techniques for producing affordable adaptive furniture and assistive devices for people with disabilities. Cardboard Carpentry extended Allie’s long-term interest in recycling or re-purposing paper and other fibers for functional as well as decorative use.

Allie blogs about her art and other things related to creativity that catch her interest.

Amy Disselkamp—Painter


Lefty. Oil painter. Likes trying new coffee shops. Reads a lot. Outdoor-enthusiast. Amateur photographer. Commutes mainly by bike. Bilingual in German. Happily resides where there are four seasons. Agate hunter. Grammar-conscious. Has an increasing interest for spicy food.

Bev Fishman—Painter


Using acrylic as her primary medium, Bev creates abstracts, landscapes, florals and spiritual themes. Often painting with bright and vivid colors to “express the beauty of nature” and the many layers of joy in our lives, her art “reflects positive thoughts, spirituality, and the natural wonder of our world.” That is the force behind her art, she says.

Bev has been painting for 30 years now and still loves to create new techniques, subjects, and use different mediums. Her artwork is displayed at shows and exhibits throughout the Minneapolis area and also sells her images in the form of note cards and prints, in addition to producing commissioned pieces and Ketubahs.

A favorite quote: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” (Pablo Picasso).

Umbreen Hasan—Painter


Umbreen makes large-scaled mixed media paintings using alcohol inks and materials used in jewelry, such as gold dust and semi-precious gems. Manipulating the pigment across canvases and boards with her own hands, hardware tools and heat dryers, the forms take on unpredictable, organic and richly layered shapes and textures. Alcohol ink is vibrantly pigmented and can't easily be controlled, and so the process of applying the ink to the surface is unpredictable, creating pleasing accidents, coincidences and combinations. The addition of the precious materials, both as a type of pigment, an object embedded in the ink, and as a way of making marks across the surface, enhances the idea of the artwork as a precious object.

Having worked in medicine for many years, specifically with patients whose own motor skills were limited, as well as taking inspiration from the natural landscapes she has lived near, whether in Minnesota or in New Zealand, her paintings explore the relationship between natural forms, and how they are perceived by the viewer; unpredictable but precious, and open to interpretation in the same.

2018-2019 Art Exhibit Schedule

  • Summer: May 31–Aug 28, 2018
  • Fall: Aug 30–Nov 29, 2018

Summer and Fall RFAs will be announced March 5, 2018; submission deadline is April 6, 2018.

  • Winter: Jan 3, 2019–April 2, 2019
  • Spring: April 4, 2019–June 4, 2019

Winter and Spring RFAs will be announced Aug 6, 2018; submission deadline is Sept 28, 2018.