City Rotational Art Exhibits

The City features public art at Brookview and City Hall to give local and regional artists the opportunity to display, and by the artist’s choice, sell, their artwork in a location visible to the community.

Artwork is displayed in both buildings in rotating terms (generally three months each). The City sends RFAs to the art community and art facilitator groups twice a year. Art is selected in advance for each term of the next year.

Request For Artists Summer/Winter 2019/2020

Now Showing: Paintings, Sculptures, Digital Art

The work of four local artists and one group are on display through the end of September 2019 at Brookview and City Hall.

+ Jacque Rosenau—Painter

Jacque has spent most of her creative work exploring mixed materials and organic shapes. When the computer became a viable medium for artists, she found it to be a huge resource for creating without limitations.

Applying her traditional skills to computer software meant learning new ways to work with brushes and canvas in the quickly changing medium of digital art materials.

Unlike traditional painting, creating her vision is approached in any number of ways. The new challenge is to sort through the many options and choose tools that will produce what she imagines.

The changes in art materials throughout history have brought new ways to approach visual expression. The computer is no exception. Everywhere we look it is evident the computer has changed the way we do things. It is a whole new frontier of expression. Jacque thinks of it as “having the largest box of crayons imaginable!”

+ Kordula Coleman—Sculptor

I was born and raised in Germany, in the small town of Trier. I started sculpting with clay as a child with my mother, who was a potter, as my instructor. In 2000, I immigrated to Minnesota. Here, I rekindled my love for figurative ceramic sculpture, honing my skills and defining my artistic style.

I have been a regular participant of the Northeast Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl since 2009 and have been represented at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis, Three Sisters Eclectic Art in St Paul, and Tres Leches Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis. My largest, most visible piece and my biggest accomplishment is the commission piece ‘La Doña’, an almost three-foot-tall day-of-the-dead inspired female figure, permanently installed at La Doña Cerveceria, a new Latino owned brew pub in the warehouse district in Minneapolis.

Currently I am working on a body of work exploring my childhood memories growing up in Germany in the aftermath of World War II. This collection will be shown at Lanesboro Arts in October 2021.

My sculptural work is focused on humans and their emotional and intellectual processes. I explore the numerous possibilities of telling human stories by certain poses, facial features, or clothing characteristics. My pieces are detailed and close to nature. These details, especially of the face, enable me to feel connected with the piece. I have to work on the facial expression of the piece until we “click”.

I focus on emotions and subjects that inspire me and make me appreciate life with all its turns, including those that lead to darker states of mind. Working on a piece makes me feel intensely alive and aware of the wonder and adventure of being human. I also want to make the viewer feel compassion for people in the emotional state I am portraying. My greatest reward is when I am told I was able to connect to a viewer through portraying a specific emotional state in a sculpture.

I love working with clay because it is amazingly supple, versatile, and forgiving, if treated right. These qualities remind me of the human body.

Lately, I have started to include animals into my sculptural work, exploring the different connections we have with animals in our lives. We keep animals as pets and helpers; they provide comfort, companionship, and unconditional love. We also rely on animals as a source of food and other products we depend on. But animals can also be powerful symbols to us—embodying qualities or emotional processes that inspire us and nurture us spiritually.

Caring for animals or being with animals can bring out a side in us that is often hidden from our fellow humans. Animals don’t judge us and are not capable of duplicity. Maybe that is what we find so soothing and nurturing about them. Being with them can free us to be ourselves, and lead us back to a state of simplicity and of oneness with all living beings.

+ Mike Solomonson—Photographer

Making art has been fun for as long as I can remember. As a child, and still today, art attracts me because there are no rules. I imagine some people would disagree with that statement, but I don’t see any rules for art. Anything is possible.

I use photography to capture ordinary things around us. Then I search for textures and colors that might be hidden away. Amazed by the complexity and beauty, I am thankful for the world around me and the peace I find by pausing to take a closer look.

+ Xiaojie Liu—Illustrator

Xiaojie Liu is an award-winning illustrator who was born and raised in Enshi, China. She received a Bachelor of Arts in illustration from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2015 and an Master of Fine Arts in illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2018.

Liu’s artistic focus is on children’s illustration, editorial illustration, and surface design for a wide range of projects, including children’s books, publications, magazines, branding, and packaging.

She combines mixed media and materials to create illustrations, which include digital and hand drawing, paper cutting, clay, and fabrics.

Liu has been selected to appear in American Illustration, Hiii Illustration, and Asia Illustrations Annual Awards. In addition to doing gallery shows internationally, she is currently working on picture book projects.

2019 Art Exhibit Schedule

  • Winter: Jan 3, 2019–April 2, 2019
  • Spring: April 4, 2019–June 4, 2019

Winter and Spring RFAs will be announced Aug 6, 2018; submission deadline is Sept 28, 2018.

  • Summer: June 6, 2019–Sept 25, 2019
  • Winter: Nov 6, 2019–Jan 29, 2020

Summer and Winter RFAs will be announced March 29, 2019; submission deadline is April 19, 2019.