City Rotational Art Exhibits

The City features public art at Brookview and City Hall to give local and regional artists the opportunity to display, and by the artist’s choice, sell, their artwork in a location visible to the community.

Artwork is displayed in both buildings in rotating terms (generally three months each). The City sends RFAs to the art community and art facilitator groups twice a year. Art is selected in advance for each term of the next year.

Request For Artists 2019

Now Showing: Paintings and Photography

The work of four local artists are on display through the end of November 2018 at Brookview and City Hall.

Brittany Dexter—Photographer


I am a landscape and nature photographer working out of Minneapolis. My goal with my photography is to take the everyday beauty we all see, and reframe it, to make it new and precious.

Jacque Rosenau—Painter


Jacque has spent most of her creative work exploring mixed materials and organic shapes. When the computer became a viable medium for artists, she found it to be a huge resource for creating without limitations.

Applying her traditional skills to computer software meant learning new ways to work with brushes and canvas in the quickly changing medium of digital art materials.

Unlike traditional painting, creating her vision is approached in any number of ways. The new challenge is to sort through the many options and choose tools that will produce what she imagines.

The changes in art materials throughout history have brought new ways to approach visual expression. The computer is no exception. Everywhere we look it is evident the computer has changed the way we do things. It is a whole new frontier of expression. Jacque thinks of it as “having the largest box of crayons imaginable!”

Lonnie Broden—Painter/Photographer


I have always been drawn to landscape painting, setting up my easel most anywhere and sketching the scene with large brushes and one color, often blue. Squeezing as many colors onto the pallet as will fit, I begin the exhilarating practice of observation, mixing colors on the pallet and placing shapes of reds, yellows, greens, blues, and millions of other colors onto canvas.

The painting is not an end in itself. As I paint, I photograph interesting aspects of the same scene with diffrent lenses and photograph the painting at various stages of completion. Using computer software, I blend, stack, cut apart and reshape, change transparencies, resize, and in time, create a vision of everything I experienced during my time at that special place.

In this exhibit there is one example of the original oil painting displayed with the print derived from blending the painting with photography. The rest of the pieces are archival digital prints created by blending paintings with photography.

Reid Harer—Photographer


These photographs are from a body of work called “Oil and Water.” The idea behind the work is how color interacts with geometric forms and architecture to see how it changes the way we perceive color and how the different color combinations will change the feeling of the photograph. All the work is done in a lighting studio with gel lights, and the process involves taking a picture, then printing the image and using that as the background. I repeat this process five to six times to get the final image, which is done by layering the previous photo with the new photo. There is no Photoshop used to make the image. The main idea of this work is for the viewer to interact with the photographs and try to understand them, and for viewers to appreciate how the light and colors interact with objects to create new environments.

Coming Soon: Green Card Youth Voices

In honor of Human Rights Day Dec 10 and to celebrate Golden Valley’s diverse immigrant population, the Golden Valley Human Rights Commission (HRC) is sponsoring a Green Card Youth Voices exhibit at Brookview Dec 3–Dec 28.

The exhibit will feature 20 posters, each with a different story, including a portrait and quotes from youth immigrants.

Green Card Voices is a Minnesota-based 501 (c)3 group that aims to change the world’s perception of immigrants. With the power of storytelling, Green Card Voices helps connect the voices of immigrants to the public. For more information, visit the Green Card Voices website.

2019 Art Exhibit Schedule

  • Winter: Jan 3, 2019–April 2, 2019
  • Spring: April 4, 2019–June 4, 2019

Winter and Spring RFAs will be announced Aug 6, 2018; submission deadline is Sept 28, 2018.

  • Summer: June 6, 2019–Sept 3, 2019
  • Fall:Sept 5, 2019–Dec 9, 2019

Summer and Fall RFAs will be announced March 4, 2019; submission deadline is Apri l26, 2019.