Street Banners

The City of Golden Valley’s street banners mark the entryways to downtown Golden Valley along Winnetka Ave, Golden Valley Rd, and Rhode Island Ave N. These 26” x 96” banners serve to enhance community identity, aesthetics, and pride. When the need for new banners in 2017 coincided with adoption of Golden Valley’s new Public Art Policy, the timing was perfect to incorporate community art into the project.

To solicit art for the banners, the City turned to Golden Valley Arts, which is part of the Golden Valley Community Foundation. GVA coordinated a search for submissions from local artists that would showcase the variety and quality of art in the community while having a connection to Golden Valley in some form, whether it be residency, recreation, history, schools, employment, or subject matter.

Selection Process & Production

Using the process outlined by the Golden Valley Public Art Policy, a GVA Public Art Panel chose reviewed submitted art and winning photos from the City’s Views Of The Valley photo contest and choose six pieces to be printed on the new street banners. All selections were presented to the City Council and displayed for a 30-day public input and comment period,The public review and comment period, which gives citizens a chance to provide input on the selected art and it’s intended use. The City Council had final approval.

Each selected artwork, with the artist’s name and title of piece, was reproduced on five banners to be displayed throughout downtown Golden Valley. The estimated life span of the banners is five years.

Process and production was completed by mid-September 2017. Banner installation is scheduled for October 2017.

Banner Art & Artists

"Looking For Mama"

Photograph by Ray Anderson


Photograph by Grace O’Neil
A marketing and journalism student and UM-Twin Cities, Grace runs and @thesundaypastry Instagram featuring her own recipes and food photography.

"General Mills Wild Grasses At Sunset"

Photograph by Ellen G. Anderson

"Sweeney Splendor"

Photograph by Chuck Smith

"The Beauty Of Bassett Creek"

Photograph by Janice Laulainen
“My life’s a picture, picture me happy!”


Acrylic on canvas by Shwetha Prabhu