Planning Commission Guidelines For Public Input

To aid in citizen understanding and to facilitate comments and questions, the Commission will use the following procedure:

  1. The Commission Chair will introduce the proposal and the recommendation from staff. Commission members may ask questions of staff.
  2. The proponent will describe the proposal and answer any questions from the Commission.
  3. The Chair will open the public hearing, asking first for those who wish to speak to so indicate by raising their hands. The Chair may set a time limit for individual questions/comments if a large number of persons have indicated a desire to speak. Spokespersons for groups will have a longer time for questions/comments.
  4. Speakers must give their full name and address clearly when recognized by the Chair. Remember, questions and comments are for the record.
  5. Direct questions/comments to the Chair. The Chair will determine who will answer each question.
  6. No one will be given the opportunity to speak a second time until everyone has had the opportunity to speak initially. Please limit your second presentation to new information, not rebuttal.
  7. At the close of the public hearing, the Commission will discuss the proposal and take appropriate action.