Property Tax Statements

Hennepin County creates and mails all property tax statements.

If you need a copy of your property tax statement, go to the Property Information Search section of the Hennepin County website and search for your property under the subhead "Property tax information online."

Property tax statements payable in the current year are mailed by Hennepin County in early March and will be available online after April 1.

Truth In Taxation Hearing

Each year in November homeowners receive a notice in the mail that outlines their proposed property tax for the coming year (see example). The notice also lists dates for the budget hearings of the various taxing jurisdictions (county, city, school district) so property owners can participate in the process and have their questions answered. Golden Valley's 2020 Truth in Taxation hearing will be held at 6:30 pm Dec 1, 2020. Further information on the virtual meeting will be posted at a later date.

The Homestead Market Value Exclusion (HMVE)

In 2011, the state legislature repealed the market value homestead credit (MVHC) and established the Homestead Market Value Exclusion (HMVE). Learn more here.

Understanding Minnesota's Property Tax System

Minnesota has a complicated property tax system. The following resources from the League of Minnesota Cities explain the property tax system and why property taxes change from year to year.

Why Your Property Taxes Change From Year To Year (PDF)