Mobile Food Vending

Mobile food vendors, also called food trucks, are self-contained vehicles or trailers used to prepare and serve food. Anyone planning to operate a food truck in Golden Valley must first apply for a City mobile food vending permit (City Code Section 113-31) and display the permit at all times.

Rules & Regulations

  • All vendors must be inspected by an authorized agency and possess a current mobile food vendor license from Hennepin County. A copy of this license must be attached to the permit application and must be displayed in the vehicle.
  • Permits are valid only for the dates and times specified.
  • No refunds will be given for any reason once the permit has been issued.
  • The vendor must comply with all City Code parking, signage, lighting, and noise regulations.
  • The vendor must provide trash receptacles for customer use and keep the site in a neat and orderly fashion. Vendors are responsible for clean-up and trash removal generated from their operation in the immediate area.
  • Vendors in City parks or in public right-of-way will be assessed for all damages or extra trash clean-up generated by their operation (if required).
  • Vendors found operating without a permit or in areas not designated in the list below will be subject to a citation.


  • Permits will be limited by area.
  • At all locations, the vendor must have written permission from the property owner.
  • The vendor must not be located closer than 200 feet to a restaurant, unless written permission is given by the restaurant proprietor. The distance is measured from the front door or outdoor seating area of establishment (whichever is closer to the mobile food vendor).
  • The vendor must not be located closer than 1,000 feet to a school, while school is in session, unless written permission is given by the principal of the school. The distance is measured from any entrance to the school.
  • Vendors must park in a designated parking lot and must not impede normal traffic flow. The vehicle must be located on paved surfaces, but not on parking stalls (unless it has been proven that the business does not need those spaces) and not on any street, alley, sidewalk, or boulevard (unless it can be demonstrated that there is sufficient space in the public right of way with a detailed sketch plan). If vehicle is located on a City street, service window must face curbside.
  • Vendors may not park on the grass or pathways (unless special permission is authorized).
  • Vendors must be located at least 10 feet from all structures.
  • Vendors must be located at least 5 feet from all property lines.
  • All vendors operating on City property (parks) or in public right-of-way must provide an insurance rider listing the City of Golden Valley as an additional insured on the policy for the permitted dates of operation. Parks available for permits include Brookview, Gearty, Hampshire, Lakeview, Lions, Medley, Scheid, and Wesley.

Dates & Hours of Operation

  • Permitted hours of operation are 8 am-10 pm, Monday-Sunday
  • Seasonal Permit: Valid 4-120 days (not available in City parks or residential districts)
  • Temporary/Special Event Permit: Valid 1–3 days
  • Properties in residential districts are limited to two Mobile Food Vendor Permits in a 12-month period.


$40 per vehicle per day for up to three days and $150 per vehicle for up to 120 days.

To Apply

  1. Complete the Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application
  2. Include the following required attachments:
    • Hennepin County Mobile Food License
    • Sketch illustrating where food truck will be located. Using the Hennepin County Interactive Property Map, zoom in to Golden Valley and use either the mouse or the zoom bar in the top left corner to find your site of interest. You can also type the address of the site into the search engine at the top of the page. Select “aerial” in the top right corner, click once on the parcel to highlight, and hit “print” in the top right corner. Then sketch and label the location of your mobile vending vehicle on the printed map. If you need to use the measuring tool, click the “measure” button in the bottom left corner of the screen and follow the directions. Note: Staff realizes all measurements are approximate. For help finding exact measurements, contact the City's Planning Division.
    • Insurance rider (required only for food trucks that will be located on City-owned property or public right-of-way) evidencing the applicant’s public liability, food products liability, automobile liability, and property damage insurance and that the City is or will be named as an additional insured on such insurance for all the permitted days of operation. Such insurance shall be maintained without change for the duration of the permitted days of operation. The permit will not be processed without the proper insurance certificate.
  3. Bring application, required attachments, and fee (if applicable) to:
    • Planning office on the second floor of City Hall, Monday–Friday, 8 am–4:30pm
    • Parks & Recreation office at Brookview, Monday–Friday, 8 am–4:30pm (applications for mobile food vending in parks only)