Bridge Builders

Connecting Golden ValleyBridge Builders can be people, institutions, organizations, or businesses who want to connect with others to improve the community or share similar interests.

Starting with ideas from Envision Golden Valley, Bridge Builders have planted seeds for several initiatives that are blossoming today (see box at right). Bridge Builders provides support and encouragement for community members to share their ideas and learn how to jump in and make something happen.

Bridge Builders, where every connection
brings people together, every good idea is a
"small spark" that causes big things to happen,
and every gathering is a party!

Bridege Builders City-Sponsored Initiatives

Bridge Builders Independent Community Initiatives

Quarterly Events

Bridge Builders holds quarterly events at various sites in Golden Valley. They share information on Bridge Building activities and tour local landmarks. All community members are welcome. Sign up to get notices of Bridge Builder Quarterly events .


2014 Calendar

  • March 8, 10 am - noon, Wirth Park Chalet, 1301 Theodore Wirth Parkway
    Event features a group discussion, a presentation by Minneapolis Park Historian David Smith, and a tour of the chalet. The group discussion breakout sessions allow individuals to contribute by self-organizing around issues and ideas that matter to them.

2013 Events

  • Sept 7, 10 am - noon, Courage Center, 3915 Golden Valley Rd
    This meeting will be conducted using the new and exciting "open-space" approach, with small-group breakout sessions that allow individuals to contribute by self-organizing around issues and ideas that matter to them. Please bring these ideas with you, consider joining Bridger Builders, contribute to the growing vitality in Golden Valley, and join in the tour at Courage Center.
  • April 20, 10 am - noon, Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2055 N Lilac Dr

Have An Idea? Want To Help out?

Community connections can occur in many ways, and the Golden Valley Bridge Builders can show you the ropes.

Start your own initiative (which can be one-time or ongoing) and/or support the community by joining other initiatives. Initiatives can include permanent improvements, fun events that build community, or just ways to get together with others who share your passion.

Recent Bridge Builders News

You’re Invited: March 8 Bridge Builders Event At Wirth Park Chalet

Golden Valley citizens and organizations that serve the community are encouraged to participate in the Bridge Builders event set for Saturday, March 8, 2014, 10 am-noon, in the Fireplace Room at the Wirth Park Chalet, 1301 Theodore Wirth Parkway, Golden Valley. Read More

Volunteers Still Needed For Lilac Planting And Valley Volunteer Day Activities

Volunteers are still needed for two Golden Valley events set for Saturday, Sept 28. The sixth annual Lilac Planting Party and the third annual Valley Volunteer Day bring people together to help beautify Golden Valley and share community pride. Read More

Three Community Events Offer Opportunities To Volunteer and Engage

Three upcoming events in Golden Valley provide opportunities for community engagement and volunteerism. The events were conceived and planned by Golden Valley’s Envision Connection Project Bridge Builders group, Read More