Administrative Services

Finance Staff

Finance Director

Sue Virnig

Golden Valley's Administrative Services Department includes General Services, Finance, Information Technology Services, Elections, and Motor Vehicle Licensing, all of which are managed by the finance director.


Finance handles accounting, cash management functions, payroll, and preparation of the annual budget, Monthly Financial Reports, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Staff includes the finance director, an accounting coordinator, and an accountant.

General Services

General Services handles City Hall's front counter customer service duties, utility billing, elections, special assessments, and routing mail and phone calls to various departments. Staff includes the city clerk (currently handled by the finance director), an elections/accounts receivable assistant, a utility billing/accounts payable technician, and an assessing accounts payable technician. The City contracts with Hennepin County for assessing services.

Information Technology (IT) Services

Information Technology Services is an internal department that handles all computer applications and maintenance of servers, phones, copiers, and computers for the City. Staff includes an information technology coordinator and an information technology technician.