Guide To Voting

General Voting Information

  • Where to Vote
  • Requirements to Vote
  • Registering to Vote

The City is divided into eight precincts and two school districts.

  • All precincts are in Congressional District 5.
  • Precincts 1a, 2a, 4, 6, and 7b are in State Senate District 45 and State Legislative District 45B.
  • Precincts 3c, 5c, and 8b are in State Senate District 46 and State Legislative District 46A.
  • All precincts are in Hennepin County District 2.

Sample ballots for each precinct are available at the Minnesota Secretary of State Polling Place Locator.

Precinct Locations

On Election Day, you must vote in your own precinct. Use the Minnesota Secretary of State Polling Place Locator or find your precinct location below.

All voters must:

  • be at least 18 years old on election day
  • be a citizen of the United States
  • have resided in Minnesota for 20 days immediately preceding election day
  • maintain residence at the address given on the registration form
  • not be under a court-ordered guardianship in which the court order revokes the right to vote
  • have not been found by a court to be legally incompetent to vote
  • have not been convicted of a felony without having civil rights restored

Once you are registered to vote, you need not register again unless you move, change your name, or do not vote for four years (check your voter registration status).

Registering In Advance

You may register to vote at any time except for the 20 days preceding an election. You may register:

Registering On Election Day

You can register to vote on election day at your precinct voting site by bringing one of the following documents to verify your current address:

  • valid Minnesota driver's license or permit (or receipt for either)
  • valid Minnesota identification card (or receipt)
  • notice of ineffective registration mailed to you from county auditor or city clerk
  • photo ID card with a student fee statement
  • a current utility bill, plus a photo identification card

You may also have a registered voter in your precinct confirm your residence.


Absentee Voting

  • Who can vote absentee?
  • Applying To Vote Absentee
  • Absentee Voting Laws

Absentee voting is available for those who cannot get to their polling place on Election Day due to:

  • absence from the precinct
  • illness or disability
  • religious observance
  • service as an election judge in another precinct

To vote by absentee ballot, you must:

  • be an eligible voter
  • be a resident of the election precinct indicated by your legal residence address
  • not intend to abandon this residence before election day

Absentee Voting Hours

Location: Golden Valley City Hall, 2nd floor, 7800 Golden Valley Rd

  • Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm
  • Saturday, Nov 3, 10 am - 3 pm
  • Monday, Nov 5, 8 am - 5pm

Mail in your application for absentee ballot or pick one up at City Hall starting 45 days before the election.

By Mail: If you apply for an absentee ballot by mail, apply early to ensure enough time for you to receive the ballot and get it back to City Hall before Election Day. Send completed applications to Golden Valley City Hall, 7800 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN 55427, or fax to 763-593-3969. The ballot will be mailed as soon as the completed application is received. [Check the status of your absentee ballot.]

In Person: You may apply and vote at City Hall during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm), on the Saturday afternoon before the election (10 am - 3 pm), or on the Monday evening before the election (until 5 pm).

It is a felony to:

  • make a false or untrue statement in an application for an absentee ballot
  • apply for an absentee ballot more than once in an election with the intent to cast an illegal ballot
  • exhibit a ballot marked by a person to another person
  • violate an absentee ballot provision for the purpose of casting an illegal vote in a precinct
  • assist anyone to cast an illegal vote

I Voted photo by Kate Sumbler