Recent Event News

Open House To Present Brookview Community Center Replacement Details Is Feb 23

The City of Golden Valley will hold an open house Feb 23, 6-7:30 pm, to present general replacement plans for a new $18.2 million Brookview Community Center building and discuss the future of the project with residents. The open house will be at Brookview Community Center, 200 Brookview Parkway S. Read More

As Home Remodeling Fair Draws Near, City Reminds Remodelers To Get Permits Early

With the Home Remodeling Fair set for Feb 21 and spring projects on the horizon, City officials want to remind residents to get their construction permits early. One of the easiest ways to ensure the project goes smoothly is to plan ahead, so please visit City Inspections first thing to get complete information about how long it takes to obtain required permits, inspections, or variances before you hire and schedule contractors. Read More

Open House And Hearing On LRT Project To Be Held Tuesday

The City of Golden Valley will hold an open house and public hearing Tues, Feb 2, to review the $1.5 billion proposal for the planned METRO Blue Line Extension LRT project. The open house will be from 6-7 pm at City Hall, followed by a public hearing at 7 pm. The City Council will then officially vote on municipal consent Tues, Feb 16. Read More