Run the Valley T-Shirt Design Contest

2011 Run the Valley winning design

Run The Valley 2013
Design by Jessi Brummer

Each year the Golden Valley Human Services Fund provides Run The Valley participants with a T-shirt to commemorate the event. The design is changed annually, and the process is open to the community.

2014 Deadline

The deadline for entries in the 2014 Run The Valley T-Shirt Contest is January 8, 2014.


The GVHSF wants a colorful, eye-catching, and unique graphic design.

  • The main intent of the GVHSF is to raise funds, not raise a statement. There is no particular message to convey through the graphic or in any accompanying wording.
  • The use of humor is not required but perfectly acceptable.
  • Designer may choose content; however, either the City of Golden Valley logo or the name "Golden Valley Human Services Fund" must appear somewhere within the design. There are no size requirements for this. The GVHSF reserves the right to add these features to the design if not included.


  • T-Shirt will be white, all cotton, long sleeve.
  • Printing will be three-color silk-screen (two colors are acceptable if the graphic design is better suited to this format). The designer may choose the colors. There are no color requirements for the Golden Valley logo or Golden Valley Human Services Foundation lettering.
  • Submit design in camera-ready format for use by the printer (color separations preferred). The GVHSF will handle all printing. The designer may proof the printing, if desired.

Judging and Awards

The winning design is selected arbitrarily (no ranking system is used) by consensus of GVHSF members and possibly City staff. The selected printing company will be asked for input regarding the mechanics in printing particular designs.

The winning designer will be awarded $50 and two T-shirts after printing and be acknowledged in Golden Valley CityNews and local media outlets.

GVHSF shall have sole ownership of the winning design and permission to reuse it when so desired.