For more than 60 years, Golden Valley residents have relied on so-called ordinary people to protect our community. The Golden Valley Fire Department takes pride in its top-notch firefighters, facilities, equipment, and training. We welcome applications from men and women from all walks of life to continue this tradition of service.

Recruitment Timeline

Based on current staffing, the Fire Department has decided they will NOT be conducting a recruitment for 2015.

Events held at Fire Station 1, 7800 Golden Valley Rd.

  • Fire Recruitment Expo
  • Recruitment Meeting
  • Application Deadline
  • Written Exam
  • Physical Ability Practice
  • Physical Ability
  • Station One Interviews
  • Station Two Interviews
  • Station Three Interviews
  • Back-up
  • Psychological Exam
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Background Checks

The recruitment timeline only serves as a guide and is subject to change, based on the needs of the City.

2016 Recruitment Events

Fire Recruitment Expo

Date/Time TBD
Try on gear, practice some firefighting skills, watch a live burn, participate in a Jaws of Life demo, and talk with firefighters about how they make it work in their lives. More about the Fire Expo »

Public Safety Open House

Date/Time TBD
Tour one of the Fire Stations, gather information, and talk to firefighters. More about the open house »

Recruitment Meetings

Date/Time TBD
Learn details about the hiring process, training, schedules, and more.

Events held at Fire Station 1, 7800 Golden Valley Rd. Open House is at all three Fire Stations.

Become A Paid, On-Call Firefighter

  • What We Do
  • Requirements
  • Training
  • Salary, Benefits, & Pension
  • Rewards
  • Apply

Primary Duties

  • Respond to fire calls, and extinguish or control fires as a member of a team under the supervision of a fire officer.
  • Save lives and property through fire suppression, education, and prevention activities.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment.
  • Act as a first responder at medical emergency calls, performing rescue and first aid as needed.
  • Extricate trapped persons.
  • Drive and operate firefighting vehicles and equipment.
  • Maintain fire apparatus, equipment, and facilities.
  • Provide community relations on fire prevention and education.
  • Actively participate in drills, demonstrations, and courses in firefighting techniques to maintain and upgrade firefighting skills.
  • Provide fire safety programs for commercial and industrial employees.
  • Participate in pre-fire planning of structures or target areas.

To be a paid, on-call firefighter, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a high school graduate or equivalent
  • have a valid Minnesota Class D driver’s license (with a good driving record)
  • have a positive, constructive image and attitude
  • live or work within six minutes of a fire station
  • have dependable transportation
  • be in good health and pass a physical exam

    Firefighters must be able to:

    • see normally, with or without visual correction
    • hear normally (ie, discriminate among similar sounds in environments with a large amount of background noise)
      speak effectively
    • lift or drag a minimum of 100 lbs at waist height and lift 50 lbs over their heads
    • walk or crawl while carrying or lifting
    • ascend and descend stairs and ladders
    • balance and steady oneself to keep from falling
    • reach and extend arms or hands in any direction
    • handle by seizing, holding, grasping, turning, andotherwise work with hands
    • work with fingers (pinching, picking, etc)
    • feel by means of skin receptors, particularly those of the fingertips, the attributes of objects, such as size, shape, temperature, and texture
    • apply a leg lock with either leg upon a ground ladder, providing a safe anchor while operating hose lines and/or performing rescue work
  • pass a physical abilities test
  • pass a background investigation
  • pass a written exam
  • complete an oral interview
  • complete a probation period
  • complete basic recruit training
  • complete requirements for first responder training
  • be available for a reasonable number of fire calls, drills, and meetings
  • be available for work detail once every two months
  • be able to make decisions regarding the safety of other firefighters and yourself
  • work as a team member under extremely stressful conditions, such as emergencies and/or dangererous circumstances

    While wearing protective gear weighing approximately 25 pounds and a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus weighing approximately 35 pounds, a firefighter will:

    • work in extremely cold or hot temperatures
    • encounter wet conditions and high humidity
    • work in extreme heat and smoke-filled environments
    • be exposed to a variety of physical hazards (ie, damaged structures, moving mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and high places)
    • encounter noise and/or vibration exceeding 80 decibels
  • wear a pager while on call

Initial training lasts approximately two years and consists of:

  • Firefighter I & II Fire Service Certification
  • Hazardous Materials - Operational Level
  • First Responder to Emergency Medical Incidents
  • Fire Apparatus Operator


  • 1st Year: Firefighter in Training = $9.53/hour
  • 2nd Year: Apprentice Firefighter = $12.69/hour
  • 3rd Year: Firefighter = $15.06/hour

Members of the Golden Valley Fire Department must also be members of the Golden Valley Fire Relief Association, which handles the pension plan for firefighters.

  • When firefighters leave the fire department, the pension is payable as a lump sum at the minimum age of 50.
  • Firefighters are vested after 10 years of service.
  • Firefighters who retire after 20 years of service receive a 100% service pension.
  • Firefighters who choose to leave the fire department after 10 years of service will receive 60% of their pension. Firefighters who stay longer than 10 years but leave before 20 years receive a pension that is pro-rated per year, up to 20 years of service (example: 11 years=64%, 12 years=68%, 13 years=72%, etc).
  • Firefighters are also eligible for disability benefits.

Becoming a paid, on-call firefighter can be personally rewarding in many ways, including:

  • increased self-confidence
  • experience
  • responsibility
  • social connections and events
  • fun and friends
  • ability to be a positive community role model

Applications for paid on-call firefighters will be accepted starting Jan 1 of each year.


Meet Some Of Our Firefighters

  • Greg Prest
  • Chris Gemlo
  • Drew Gerling
  • Steve Baker
  • Jason Hoffrogge
  • Marc Berris
  • Jenny Toavs
  • Tim Gerrits
  • Josh Richardson
  • Brian Crow
  • Steve Yingst
  • Ken Bence
  • Ben Vogel
  • Curtis Smith
  • Andy Hutson
  • Mike Pellizer
  • Dave Comb