Police Issue Crime Alert About Panhandler

Golden Valley Police have recently received numerous reports of an individual going door-to-door to both residences and businesses in the city asking for money. He often states he needs money to get his vehicle out of impound or that his vehicle has broken down, and he talks of being at a church in Golden Valley.

photo of mark christopher bellIn a few cases, residents have given him cash, and in one case someone actually drove him to a cash machine to give him money. Unfortunately, these incidents have not been reported until a significant time has passed.

The suspect is lying and attempting to panhandle and scam individuals out of their money. He is most often looking for opportunities to steal.

The suspect has been identified as Mark Christopher Bell, a 50-year-old, light-skinned, African American male, 6 feet tall, 235 lbs. He is described as being well dressed.

Bell has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 1983 that includes drug charges, burglary, forgery, robbery, fleeing police, weapons violations, and theft.

If you see this individual, please call 911 immediately and report his location.

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