Winter Parking Restrictions Start Nov 1

Remember, Golden Valley’s winter parking ordinance prohibits parking on public streets and alleys from 2-6 am daily Nov 1-March 31. This is a change from the former midnight-6 am restriction, which was modified by the City Council Sept 6. Vehicles may be parked on private property in parking lots and driveways. To request a temporary exemption, fill out the online Winter Parking Waiver permit. Please note that all waivers are temporary and void after a snowfall of 2 inches or more.

Ordinance History

The City Council first amended the City’s winter parking ordinance in 2014. Instead of allowing all-night parking on public streets and alleys, the ordinance changed to prohibit parking between midnight and 6 am from Nov 1–March 31. The goal was to enable more efficient snow and ice removal operations.

The decision to shorten the no parking time frame was due to resident feedback, including complaints that the parking restrictions were unnecessary and overly prohibitive, as well as appreciation that the plowed streets no longer featured snow-covered parked vehicles. The goal was a less restrictive policy that still satisfied citizen expectations for streets that are plowed curb to curb.

The 2–6 am winter parking restriction would still give City crews an opportunity to perform snow and ice control operations while giving residents a longer time frame in which guest vehicles may be parked in front of their homes. Residents with overnight guests can request a temporary exemption to the parking ordinance by filling out the online Winter Parking Waiver permit. However, waivers are temporary, and parking is still prohibited on all public streets after a snowfall of at least 2 inches, regardless of the time of day.

Parking Regulations & Plowing Operations

In addition to the overnight parking restriction, parking in Golden Valley is prohibited on public streets after a snowfall of at least 2 inches until the snow has stopped falling and the street has been plowed to the curb line. A 2-inch snowfall is the equivalent of a “snow emergency” and the point at which parked cars must be off the streets.

Crews first plow main arterial routes and “through” streets that connect neighborhoods to State and County roads to keep these roads passable until all City streets can be plowed. During a large snow event the City may plow a street multiple times. Afterwards, crews continue to plow/treat streets for snow and/or ice until they meet City standards.

Ideally, crews plow or treat the streets in the early morning before rush hour. Keeping parked vehicles off the street helps crews efficiently and safely clear the snow. Parked vehicles hamper crews from treating areas of the road, reduce efficiency of plow operations, and result in potential hazards for travelers. Vehicles in violation are cited by patrolling police. Vehicles found to be obstructing traffic or snowplows, and those still in violation after 24 hours, may be towed.

To stay informed, sign up for Golden Valley winter parking email alerts, listen to weather forecasts, and adjust any travel plans accordingly.

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