Views Of The Valley Photo Gallery To Celebrate A Quarter Century of Golden Valley In Images

After 25 years and some 1,300 photo submissions, the Views Of The Valley photo contest is celebrating its quarter-century anniversary by partnering with Golden Valley Arts (GVA) to present “25 Years in the Valley,” a gallery exhibit highlighting 25 contest-winning photos Sat, Sept 16, from 10 am to 9 pm, at the Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival

Since the City of Golden Valley introduced its first Views Of The Valley photo competition, hundreds of residents have shared a passion for their community through photographs, submitting images ranging from a 1993 scenic view of geese lounging in a pond near General Mills to a 2017 close-up shot of a battered but resilient fox.

The contest was started as a way to engage the community while providing a range of relevant photographs for use in City publications, promotions, exhibits, etc, with credit to the photographer. The photographers retain copyright but grant the City permission to use their work. Over the years, photos by Golden Valley residents have been featured in nearly all of of the City’s communications mediums. For details about Views Of The Valley, including how to enter, visit the City website.

For the 25th anniversary show, a GVA Public Arts Panel selected 25 photos for display from more than 70 past Views of the Valley award winners (see all past winners).

This is the first public photography show of its kind in Golden Valley. After its debut at the Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival, the exhibit will be available for display at other locations upon request. For more information about the photo gallery, visit

Partnership Makes Events Like This Possible

A partnership between the City and the Golden Valley Community Foundation (GVCF) is helping pave the way for events like “25 Years in the Valley.”

At its Dec 20, 2016 meeting, the City Council authorized a Memorandum Of Understanding between the City and GVCF to outline a cooperative relationship. Both the City and the GVCF wanted to enhance the community aesthetic with art in public spaces and events that entertain residents and visitors and promote Golden Valley. But the City needed funding, and the private non-profit GVCF needed public spaces. The partnership enables Golden Valley to have events like Market In The Valley and the Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival, as well as a new Public Art Policy, in cost-effective ways.

“Having the City and the Foundation working together where and when we can will enrich the community overall,” says City Manager Tim Cruikshank.

With any Memorandum of Understanding come parameters to ensure legality of the agreement and to protect both parties from unforeseeable problems. The GVCF provides funding and volunteers, while the City provides in-kind services.

About Golden Valley Arts And The Golden Valley Community Foundation

Golden Valley Arts is a program of the Golden Valley Community Foundation. As a tax-exempt, non-profit, publicly supported, philanthropic organization, the GVCF’s mission is to address the needs and interests of Golden Valley residents and neighbors, says John Kluchka, GVCF executive board member.

It provides a channel for individuals wanting to give back to the community or for those looking to fund a community project or event, he adds.

Current GVCF events and programs include Market In The Valley, the Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival, the Golden Valley Pride Festival, Evolve Program, Global Golden Valley, Golden Valley Arts, and more. For more information, go to

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