Team GV Top Fundraiser In Fight For Air Climb

On Feb 24, 12 Golden Valley firefighters and one family member participated as Team Golden Valley Fire in the American Lung Association Fight for Air stair climb at US Bank Plaza in Minneapolis. The fund raiser brought dozens of fire departments and hundreds of firefighters to the 31-story building for a full fire-gear climb.

Team Golden Valley Fire raised $9,484 this year, bringing its 13-year total to $116,585. Golden Valley has been one of the top fundraising teams for each of the years it haALA climb team GV-2018s participated in the climb. Golden Valley Battalion Chief Ken Bence was again the top individual fundraiser for the event, bringing in $5,446.

Eleven GV firefighters made the regular climb (wearing 70 lbs of firefighting gear), and one made the ultimate climb (no gear, but up and down 31 flights multiple times, in this case five times, in 60 minutes).

Participants pictured at right include Ryan Baker, Steve Baker, Aila Crumley, Jen Chen, Brett Fierce, and Jon Kennelly (front row); Ken Bence, Richard Almay, Tom Bloxsom, Mike Palmer, Chad Schneider, and Tariq Bashir (middle row); and Max Hazledine (back row).

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