Permits Required For Recreational Fires

The Golden Valley Fire Department wants residents to know that a recreational fire permit must be obtained from the City before having any recreational fires and it must be available at all times during a rec fire.

Permits can be obtained for free online and in person at the Public Safety Building.

Use these tips to keep you and your neighbors safe during a recreational fire:

  • It is recommended that all fires be at least 25 feet away from any structure and 10 feet away from any property line.
  • Fires can be no larger than three feet in diameter and three feet high.
  • The fire must always be attended by a responsible person age 18 or older until extinguished.
  • Only clean wood can be burned. No yard waste, construction materials, or common household trash can be burned or used to start a rec fire.
  • A garden hose or other adequate means of extinguishment must be available during any rec fire.
  • Recreational fires are not allowed if wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour.

For more tips and information about recreational fires and to obtain a permit, visit

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