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The annual Golden Valley Fire Relief Association Street Dance will be June 24, from 5 pm to midnight, at the Chester Bird American Legion at Highway 100 and Glenwood Ave. Read More

As an effort to make better connections with children and parents in Golden Valley, the Golden Valley Police and Fire Departments make frequent trips to parks around the city during the summer. Since its inception in 2010, Public Safety In The Parks has become a popular tradition that is helping strengthen relationships and communities every year. Read More

Beginning this month, the City of Golden Valley will be performing routine inspections of the exteriors and yards of all homes in the community. Inspections will start in early June and will take one to two months to complete.  Read More

The Golden Valley Firefighter Recruitment Expo on June 14 is an opportunity for residents to talk with current firefighters and learn more about becoming a paid on-call firefighter, and the Women’s Fire Service Expo, put on by the North Star Women’s Firefighter Association (NSWFA), on June 23 is a great event for women to network with current, experienced women in the fire service throughout the metro area. Read More

The Golden Valley Fire Department is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and is more committed than ever to making Golden Valley a safer city. The City needs more paid on-call firefighters and the Fire Department wants to show you that becoming a firefighter is a challenge almost anyone can take on. Read More

The Golden Valley Fire Department wants residents to know that a recreational fire permit must be obtained from the City before having any recreational fires and it must be available at all times during a rec fire.
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Think you’re too old, too weak, or too busy to become a firefighter? Let the Golden Valley Fire Department bust your myths about firefighting at Firefighter Recruitment Expo. Read More

Sign up for GV Emergency to stay in the loop during community-wide emergencies. Read More

Golden Valley needs paid, on-call firefighters. This skills-driven commitment will leave you prepared to face any number of unique challenges, both as a firefighter and a civilian. If you’re interested in learning more, the City is hosting a few informational meetings and demonstrations. Read More

Extreme heat events in Minnesota are already occurring and expected to become more common, more severe, and longer-lasting as our climate changes. Learning how to prepare and respond will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Read More