Comprehensive Plan

Golden Valley has a long history of proactive planning, having adopted its first official land use plan document in 1959. Since then, the Comprehensive Plan has become an all-encompassing planning tool that guides growth and redevelopment in Golden Valley.

Comprehensive plans ensure orderly growth and coordination with regional systems for transportation, surface water, sanitary sewers, and water supply. That's why the Metropolitan Council requires every municipality in the Twin Cities area to have one, and to update it every ten years.

Golden Valley's Comprehensive Plan reflects the goals and objectives of its citizens and provides a blueprint for the City’s future. The Comprehensive Plan guides growth in the City while protecting and enhancing natural resources and public infrastructure. 

Comprehensive Plan 2008-2018

In 2008, the City of Golden Valley completed a decennial update to its Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission and City Council approved the update, and the Metropolitan Council adopted it in spring 2010.

As a living document, the Comprehensive Plan will again be revised in 2018 to reflect the needs and desires of the community at that time.