Comp Plan In A Box

Comp Plan In A Box is a small group meeting, guided by a leader, where people share ideas about the future of the place where they live, work, and play.

How To Host A Meeting

Decide who to invite and find an appropriate meeting space, then contact the Planning Division at City of Golden Valley (763-593-8095) to reserve meeting materials/equipment for the date you chose.

A day or two before your meeting, stop by City Hall and pick up your Comp Plan Box and any other necessary equipment. You can also have the materials emailed to you if that is your preference. After your meeting, return the Comp Plan Box and any borrowed equipment.

Who To Invite

Think about a group of people who could spend two hours discussing how they’d like Golden Valley to be in the future, such as:

  • friends
  • neighbors
  • Neighborhood Watch group
  • church group
  • book club, social club, civic group
    recreation league team (soccer, baseball, etc)

The best size group is five to 10 people. Groups should not have more than 14. Larger groups can be split, but each subgroup will need a team leader as well as space to operate independently.

Participant Roles

The Comp Plan In A Box host will welcome participants and determine who will be the team leader. The team leader directs the meeting and records participant ideas on sheets of paper.

Where To Meet

When choosing your meeting place, think about the size of the group and characteristics of the facility. Possibilities include:

  • someone’s home
  • an apartment commons room
  • church or business meeting room
  • public meeting spaces

Facility/Equipment Requirements

Make sure the facility has:

  • enough room so participants can sit comfortably for 90 minutes
  • a device to play an introductory/instructional video from a DVD

What’s In The Box

Each Comp Plan In A Box will include all materials needed to host a successful meeting, including sign-in sheet and name tags, fact sheets, instructions, paper, pens, and markers.