The Housing Chapter is an opportunity to state the City’s specific policy priorities around housing choice within the community. Providing a variety of housing choices allows people to find high-quality, affordable, environmentally sustainable housing that meets their needs in the communities where they want to live. A full range of housing types can help increase the resilience of a community as it experiences changing demographic and economic conditions.

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Wed, April 12:
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Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis for Golden Valley

Maxfield Research and Consulting, LLC conducted a study of Golden Valley's existing and future housing needs in March 2017. This report will be used in the planning process for the Housing Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan.

Proposed Housing Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Maintain Housing Quality

Maintain a high-quality living environment, preserve stable residential neighborhoods, and where necessary, improve of the condition of existing housing stock in the city.


  • Ensure all housing meets or exceeds the quality standards established in City ordinances.
  • Identify and remove substandard housing units that are economically unfeasible to rehabilitate.
  • Eliminate or appropriately buffer blighting influences such as unkempt yards, glaring lights, unscreened storage, noise, and inappropriate vehicle storage on residential properties.

Goal 2: Expand the Variety of Housing Options

Expand the variety of housing types and designs to allow all people a housing choice. The production and rehabilitation of a variety of housing types, designs, and prices creates housing options for all life stages and all economic means.


  • Meet the senior housing needs identified in the Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis.
  • Strive for variety in housing types, designs, and prices for all life stages, family compositions, and incomes.

Goal 3: Increase Housing Affordability

Increase housing opportunities at a cost that low- and moderate-income households can afford without compromising their ability to pay for other essential needs.


  • Monitor the City’s housing supply to ensure quality low income options are available.
  • Preserve the affordability of the existing housing stock.
  • Ensure that a portion of units within new multi-family housing developments are made affordable.

Goal 4: Encourage Environmentally Sustainable Housing

Encourage housing development that maintains or enhances economic opportunity and community well-being while protecting and restoring the natural environment. Housing development should meet current needs while leaving future generations as many options for resource use and development as possible.


  • Ensure new housing developments meet or exceed energy efficiency standards and implement sustainable design features where possible.
  • Ensure improvements to existing housing meet or exceed energy efficiency standards and implement sustainable design features where possible.
  • Plan for multi-family residential developments near transit, bicycle routes, trails, and sidewalks in order to reduce reliance on automobiles, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Goal 5: Advance Equity in Housing Practices and Policies

Advance equal opportunity in home ownership and renting for people of all backgrounds and abilities.


  • Ensure that discrimination does not occur against persons seeking housing in Golden Valley based on age, religion, race, ethnic origin, sexual preference, gender, or disability.

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