2040 Comprehensive Plan

Every 10 years, the City of Golden Valley updates the long-term vision for the community’s future to incorporate new census data, projections for population and employment growth, and community preferences. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan will be crafted in 2016-2018 with the input of residents, businesses, and City Commissions. Check back often for news and information about the update process.

Feedback from residents, discussions with Commissions and the City Council, and investigation by City staff have produced an emerging theme for the Comprehensive Plan update of “Suburban Evolution”. As an inner ring suburb, Golden Valley faces many of the same challenges experienced by other communities that developed similarly: little to no undeveloped land, aging infrastructure, and competition from newer suburbs developing at the metropolitan edge. However, the City also has a number of assets which it can leverage to help it continue to evolve and to remain a strong, healthy, and desirable place to live.

With this in mind, the following priorities have helped inform the preliminary goals for each chapter as they are being developed for the new Plan:

  • support the emergence of a dynamic town center
  • showcase Golden Valley as a “green” community
  • emphasize all aspects of a multi-modal transportation system
  • strive to be more inclusive
  • make important investments in infrastructure

Comprehensive Plan Components

Community Engagement

Comp Plan Conversations | Come join a Comp Plan Conversation and help plan the future of Golden Valley
Agenda for all meetings
6–6:30 pm
: public open house with staff and consultants
6:30–7:30 pm: presentation and discussion with Commissioners (televised/recorded)

2040 Comprehensive Plan Update Open House
Mon, Sep 19 | 6:30–8:30 pm
GV Council Conference Room and Council Chambers
7800 Golden Valley Rd
City staff will kick off the Comprehensive Plan update process with a review of the goals and objectives from the 2030 Comprehensive Plan in order to help shape development of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The Open House will feature stations with maps and information that address plan elements such as Land Use, Housing, Transportation, Water, Parks, and Sustainability. Residents and business owners can visit each station and provide input.

Interested individuals may also provide their views on Golden Valley by taking a brief survey. All input will go towards helping the City’s staff, Commissions, and Council Members prepare the update.

Other Community Engagement

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Community Profile

Land Use


Resilience & Sustainability

Water Resources


Parks and Nature Areas

Parks and open space are key contributors to the region’s livability, sustainability, and quality of life. They strengthen residents’ physical, psychological, and social well-being by providing opportunities for recreation, stress reduction, and social interaction. Natural areas provide environmental benefits by preserving natural resources, reducing air pollution, and managing storm water runoff.

Local, regional, state, and federal parks and open space areas, as well as private and nonprofit facilities, all play an important role in supporting and protecting the overall outdoor recreation system and are recognized in the comprehensive plan.

Preliminary goals for this chapter are:

  • preserve parks
  • acquire additional land
  • deliver recreation and education opportunities
  • protect and enhance open spaces and natural resources
  • grow the Brookview Golf and Recreation Area

Economic Competitiveness

Regional economic competitiveness is a core element of the region’s sustained prosperity. Collectively, the region must provide great locations for businesses to succeed-–particularly those industries that export products or services beyond the metropolitan area and bring revenue and jobs to the region.

Economic competitiveness in the context of comprehensive planning refers to examining and strengthening the ability of the individual community as well as the entire region to compete effectively and prosper in the global economy through local activities that aim to retain, attract, and grow businesses that bring wealth into a community over many years.

Preliminary goals for this chapter are:

  • protect existing job base
  • encourage high quality development
  • provide housing and transportation options for a diverse workforce
  • support local and small businesses

Comp Plan
In A Box

Comp Plan In A Box is a small group meeting, guided by a leader, where people share ideas about the future of the place where they live, work, and play.