Animal Control & Impound

dog collarThe Golden Valley Police Department can assist with issues regarding animal problems. This service is limited to situations dealing with pets and wild animals that are an immediate threat to public safety.


Report A Missing Pet

If you would like to list your pet as being lost, contact the Golden Valley Police Department at 763-593-8079 or

Animal Impound

None at this time.

How Do I Reclaim My Pet?

If you believe one of the animals above is your pet, visit the Golden Valley Police Department, 7800 Golden Valley Road, or call 763-593-8079 to make arrangements to claim your pet. Animal impounds fees may apply. Pets that are not claimed in seven days are transferred to the Golden Valley Humane Society.

Wild Animals

Live Trapping

Live trapping of nuisance wild animals is allowed only after permission has been granted by the Police Chief. To obtain permission to live trap wild nuisance animals, please submit a written request to the Police Chief. For more information, contact 763-593-8079

Deer Management

When deer populations get too large, they can cause an imbalance to the ecosystem. View Golden Valley's deer management plan 9MB.