CounterActCounterAct is a youth drug education program taught by uniformed police officers in school classrooms for five weekly sessions. The entire program is built around three main themes: “You Decide,” “You're in Charge,” and “We're a Team.” The content centers on a few key concepts: the consequences of actions, influences on behavior, violence prevention education, safe and legal activities, and steps in refusing alcohol, chemicals, or drugs.

The goal of the program is to reinforce what is already being taught in school through the prospective of a street police officer.

The CounterAct presentation is highly visual and generates discussion. It is personalized for the City of Golden Valley and allows kids to become involved in the community.

History of the program

In 1988, Golden Valley's Director of Public Safety announced that the City's police department would begin drug education. Nine months later, in collaboration with Hazelden Foundation (, the Golden Valley Police Department unveiled a new program for elementary schools called CounterAct.