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Golden Valley's adult co-rec soccer program runs from early September through October each year. It is designed to provide an enjoyable recreational soccer opportunity for men and women who live or work in Golden Valley and nine neighboring communities.

soccer ballGolden Valley's fall adult co-rec soccer league features three competitive levels:

  • A: more aggressive teams with experienced players
  • B: moderately experienced teams
  • C: a fun, recreational opportunity for neighborhood and company teams

Current FIFA rules pertaining to the game of soccer will govern all play unless modified by local Golden Valley rules.

2016 League

A/B End of Season Tournament Bracket (updated 10-24-16)

C End of Season Tournament Bracket (updated 10-24-16)

2016 Adult Soccer League Packet
Lions Park Soccer Field
Friday nights and Sunday afternoons

Registration Information

Registration for the league will be on a resident status, first in, first served basis.
All participating teams must turn in the following registration materials:

  • Team registration form
  • League fees: $480/All resident team, $530/Non-resident team (5 or more non-residents)
  • Team roster

Questions? Contact the Golden Valley Park & Recreation Department at 763-512-2345.

General League Information

Game Times & Location

Games are scheduled to begin the weekend of September 8. All games are played with two 25-minute halves at Lions Park.

Team/Player Eligibility

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old or have graduated from high school.
  • Resident: Anyone who lives or works full time in Golden Valley
  • Non-Resident: Anyone who does not live or work full time in Golden Valley
  • Players actively playing college or professional soccer are not eligible.

Teams, Season, and Ranking

The league is divided into three divisions of four to eight teams. Division size and ranking is determined once registrations are processed.

All divisions play an eight-week game schedule on a full-size field with experienced officials.

Standings will be determined using a win/loss point system:

  • Win - 3 points
  • Tie - 1 point (tie games considered final)
  • Loss - 0 points
  • Forfeit  -1 point

Game Procedures and Rules

  • Games will begin at the scheduled time. A team must have a least eight players on the field (minimum of three females) at the scheduled time. If there are not eight eligible players, the game is forfeited. Officials will not referee forfeited games.
  • A game will consist of two 25-minute halves (running time) with a five-minute intermission.
  • A full team (11 players) must have a minimum of four females on the field at all times. A female can be a goaltender and is still considered "on the field." If a team is short a female participant, the team is allowed to compete with three females. However, only seven males are allowed on the field and therefore the team is playing with only 10.
  • All team participants must wear a similar colored shirt. Numbers would be greatly appreciated.
  • Officials have been requested to be realistic and fair with regard to goalie contact from offensive players.
  • A throw-in to the goalie cannot be picked up by the goalie with his/her hands.
  • Goal keepers must provide their own distinctive jersey and wear it during the game.
  • Game balls will be provided by the Park & Recreation Department.
  • Generally three referees will officiate games. Each team may be required to supply a line judge.
  • Hands will only be called if the infraction was intentional. Blocking one's body is not intentional. All handball calls are up to the referee’s discretion.
  • Kick-off will be determined by a coin toss at start of game.
  • Ties remain as a final score.
  • Shin pads are mandatory and socks must cover the pads.
  • Slide tackles are not allowed; penalty will be left to the referee's discretion.
  • Only those players registered with the Park & Recreation Department are allowed to participate in the league.
  • Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from current game and next scheduled game. Second red card in same season means suspension for remainder of season.

Authority of Officials

Officials have authority to remove or ban a player and/or manager from the game and field should the situation warrant it. The team manager will represent and be responsible for all actions of the team and spectators he/she represents during or after the game.

  • Assaults and indignities to players, officials, or scorekeepers will result in automatic suspension from all Golden Valley Park and Recreation leagues for a minimum of one year and forfeiture of the $100 manager's check.
  • Any player fighting or throwing punches will be ejected from the current game and suspended for the year. Also, the $100 manager's check will be forfeited.
  • Swearing or cursing can be grounds for ejection from the game or park.
  • Dress for the weather. In most cases, games will be played.
  • Players from the 9 pm game must vacate the park by 10 pm.
  • Drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages is forbidden in all city parks.


The Golden Valley Park & Recreation Department is not responsible for injuries sustained to participants.

The City of Golden Valley does not carry any medical insurance; players should have family, company, or team insurance.

Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited

The Golden Valley Police Department will enforce the ordinance forbidding the consumption of beer or alcoholic beverages in all City parks and public areas.