HomeRECed is a free program offered through Golden Valley Parks and Recreation in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose)!

Join us Mon, Wed, and Fri through out June and July for simple and fun activities practically anyone can do, like scavenger hunts, basic yoga poses, and much more.

How To Participate

  1. Watch for the video or activity published here or on the City's Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube at noon. While you're there make sure to follow us so you don't miss a post.
  2. Participate in the activity with anyone in your household.
  3. That's it!

Share Your HomeRECed Adventures With Us

Share your photos and videos online with the hashtag #GVhomeREC and we may share some of our favorites!


Wed, Oct 7: How To Wrap A Present

Wed, Oct 14: Spooky Snacks

Wed, Oct 21: Mummy Pumpkin


Wed, Sept 2: Wiffle Ball

Wed, Sept 9: Homemade Granola Bars

Wed, Sept 16: Nature Fitness Walk

Wed, Sept 23: Slackline Games

Wed, Sept 30: Fall Tree Card


Wed, Aug 5: Voice Over

Wed, Aug 12: Mask Decorating

Wed, Aug 19: Almond Cacao Freezer Protein Balls | Instructions

Wed, Aug 25: Couselor Hunt

Week Eighteen

Mon, July 27: Can You Hear Me

Wed, July 29: At Home Bike Check

Fri, July 31: Brookview Golf Maintenance Department Tour

Week Seventeen

Mon, July 20: Take Five Minutes

Wed, July 22: Banana Sushi

Fri, July 24: Utility Maintenance Department Tour

Week Sixteen

Mon, July 13: Simple Dog Tricks

Wed, July 15: Homemade Clay

Fri, July 17: Police Department Field Trip: Part II

Week Fifteen

Mon, July 6: Handstand

Wed, July 8: Water Fun Cup Race

Fri, July 10: Police Department Field Trip: Part I

Week Fourteen

Mon, June 29: Balance Exercises

Wed, July 1: Photography 101

Fri, July 3: Public Works Field Trip

Week Thirteen

Mon, June 22: Relay Exercises

Wed, June 24: DIY Bubble Mix | Instructions

Fri, June 28: Park Maintenance Field Trip

Week Twelve

Mon, June 8: Bean Bag Toss

Wed, June 10: Simple Ballet

Fri, June 12: Station One Tour

Week Eleven

Mon, June 1: Extreme Burpees

Wed, June 3: Kick The Can

Fri, June 5: Firefighter Gear


Week Ten

Mon, May 25: Recycling Bullseye

Tue, May 26: Laundry Olympics

Wed, May 27: Competitive Planting

Thu, May 28: HORSE

Fri, May 29: Speed Texting

Sat, May 30: Grab and Go

Sun, May 31:Triathalon

Week Nine

Mon, May 18: Test Your Dominant Side | Instructions

Tue, May 19: Improving Your Posture

Wed, May 20: Travel Bingo | Instructions

Thu, May 21: Low-Impact Exercises | Instructions

Fri, May 22: Time Capsule

Sat, May 23: Costume Party

Sun, May 24: Homemade Dog Treats | Instructions

Week Eight

Mon, May 11: Homemade Mancala Game Board | Instructions

Tue, May 12: Jump Roping

Wed, May 13: ABC Nature Walk | Instructions

Thu, May 14: Homemade Popsicles | Instructions

Fri, May 15: Knot Tying | Instructions

Sat, May 16: At Home Obstacle Course

Sun, May 17: Competitive Vacuuming

Week Seven

Mon, May 4: Homemade Drum Set

Tue, May 5: Homemade Maracas | Instructions

Wed, May 6: Electric Slide

Thu, May 7: How To Juggle

Fri, May 8: Meditation

Sat, May 9: Extreme Hopscotch

Sun, May 10: Spring Bird Watching | Instructions

Week Six

Mon, April 27: Easy Strength Movements | Instructions

Tue, April 28: Pay It Forward

Wed, April 29: At Home Camping

Thu, April 30: Eggshell Planter | Instructions

Fri, May 1: Chocolate Chow Mein Clusters | Instructions

Sat, May 2: Homemade Wac-A-Mole | Instructions

Sun, May 3: Putting Basics

Week Five

Mon, April 20: Simple Exercises

Tue, April 21: Bird Feeder | Instructions

Wed, April 22: BINGO From Your Window | Card 1 | Card 2

Thu, April 23: Pause The Chaos

Fri, April 24: Virtual Hide And Seek

Sat, April 25: Parks & Recreation Word Scramble | Card | Answer

Sun, April 26: Golf Skill Development Pt 2

Week Four

Mon, April 13: Homemade Fire Starters | Instructions

Tue, April 14: Clap And Catch Game (Popcorn)

Wed, April 15: Water Bottle Piggy Bank | Instructions

Thu, April 16: Fortune Teller

Fri, April 17: Scavenger Hunt | Scavenger List

Sat, April 18: Dice Baseball Game | Instructions

Sun, April 19: Golf Skill Development

Week Three

Mon, April 6: Superhero Craft | Instructions

Tue, April 7: Virtual Meeting Bingo | Bingo Card

Wed, April 8: GV Trivia Kahoot | Instructions

Thu, April 9: Simple Low Impact Exercises

Fri, April 10: Scavenger Hunt Outdoors | Scavenger List

Sat, April 11: Bookmark Craft | Instructions

Sun, April 12: Zombie Virtual Escape Room | Clues | Answers

Week Two

Mon, March 30: Simon Says

Tue, March 31: Bowling

Wed, April 1: Step to it | www.steptoit.org

Thu, April 2: Get Dressed For Basball

Fri, April 3: Signs Of Spring Scavenger Hunt | Scavenger List

Sat, April 4: Flower Petal Art

Sun, April 5: Simple Yoga

Week One

Mon, March 23: Dice/Marble Pick-Up | Instructions

Tue, March 24: Create Your Own Photo Booth

Wed, March 25: Homemade Lava Lamp | Instructions

Thu, March 26: Simple Yoga | Instructions

Fri, March 27: Favorite Scavenger Hunt

Sat, March 28: Don't Say It

Sun, March 29: Giant Tic Tac Toe

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Want to Volunteer?

Fill out an application here. Questions? Contact Golden Valley Parks & Recreation at 763-512-2345.