City Code & Proposed Ordinances

The City Code comprises the municipal laws adopted by the City Council in the form of ordinances. The Code is in a continuing state of change, as new ordinances are periodically adopted by a vote of the City Council. Some ordinances require a public hearing.

Changes to the City Code become effective the day after publication in the newspaper of record, the New Hope Golden Valley SunPost, unless the ordinance changing the Code provides otherwise.

Proposed Ordinances

Date PostedProposed OrdinanceCity Council Meet Date
Nov 23, 2022Ordinance No XXX (PDF)
An Ordinance Amending The City Code
Amending Chapter 113 Zoning In Order To Amend The Term Limit Structure For The Board Of Zoning Appeals
Dec 6, 2022
Nov 3, 2022

Ordinance No XXX (PDF)
An Ordinance Amending The City Code
Approval of Conditional Use Permit Number 174
630 Ottawa Avenue North

Nov 15, 2022