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Effective Jan 13, 2021, 5 PM: Masks Required In Indoor Spaces Of Public Accommodation For Those Over The Age Two

At a Jan 11, 2021 special meeting, the Golden Valley City Council passed a proclamation declaring a local emergency and other health and safety related resolutions, including a City-wide mask mandate, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and the Omicron Variant.

The mask mandate goes into effect Jan 13, 5 pm, and applies to individuals over the age of two and who are able to medically tolerate a face covering, when they are in indoor spaces of public accommodation (a business, or an educational, refreshment, entertainment, or recreation facility, or an institution) regardless of vaccination status, except for the purposes of eating and/or drinking. Masks are defined as a medical-grade mask or cloth face covering in accordance with CDC guidance, that cover the nose and mouth.

All employers of businesses that are spaces of public accommodation as defined by the Order shall also require their employees, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask. Athletes, performers, and supporting staff competing or performing at indoor spaces of public accommodation are not subject to this regulation.

At the meeting, the council also determined all meetings of the City Council and City Commissions shall be conducted in a hybrid format, until further notice. 

To read the proclamation and resolutions adopted by the City Council at its Jan 11, 2021 special meeting, see below.

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