Commercial Crime Prevention

The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) works with the business community to identify crimes and other activity of concern, inform local businesses about crime trends in Golden Valley, and encourage communication of business concerns to the GVPD so we may serve you better.

Emergency Contact Information for Businesses

Police and fire personnel frequently need to contact responsible representatives of businesses when responding to emergencies after normal business hours. Please help us provide you with the highest level of public safety services by providing updated emergency contact information for your organization. We consider this information to be private data that will not be released outside of the GVPD.

Submit emergency contact information.

Learning How to Recognize Crime

The GVPD finds that people frequently witness crimes without realizing it and often don't know how to react when they do realize it.

We hope to provide you and your employees with the tools needed to recognize suspicious activity and when to report it to the police. Often people acting suspiciously have been involved in other criminal activity and are known to the police. With your help, we can identify these individuals and intervene to prevent additional criminal activity.

Crime Prevention Workshops

The Crime Prevention Unit offers workshops on various topics for employers and employees:

  • Identity Theft
  • Personal Safety
  • Preventing Employee Theft
  • Preventing Shoplifting
  • Responding to a Robbery
  • Workplace Violence

Many of the workshops are scheduled as a brown bag business lunches. To arrange a workshop, call the Golden Valley Crime Prevention Unit at 763-593-8058 or email us.

Commercial Security Inspections

The GVPD provides free surveys to businesses interested in improving their security. Police personnel look at the site plan, facility layout, parking areas, doors, windows, lighting, shrubbery, alarm systems, and internal security procedures. Businesses receive a written report detailing any suggested security improvements.

To arrange a free security survey or to ask for assistance in employee training, call the Golden Valley Crime Prevention Unit at 763-593-8050, or email the Police Department.