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Learn More

Use resources at local libraries and universities or online (try the websites below for a start) to learn more about waste management, green practices, surface water protection, and other environmental issues.

For more information about environmental issues in Golden Valley, contact the City's Public Works Department at 763-593-8030.

Things You Can Do Now

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle to minimize waste; start a compost; adopt a neighborhood park or storm drain.
  • Properly dispose of hazardous materials. View the Hennepin County website for more information.
  • Attend a Hennepin County environmental seminar. View the Hennepin County website for more information.
  • Reduce the application of fertilizer, deicer, herbicides, and pesticides in your yard.
  • Use native plants for landscaping. Plant trees, shrubs, or ground covers to increase the amount of water that soaks into the ground.
  • Use alternative or mass transit.
  • Practice water conservation.
  • Learn about Golden Valley's watershed and how to help protect local waterways. View the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission website to learn more.
  • Celebrate Arbor Day, Earth Day, or World Water Day by doing something for the environment.
  • Start a family, neighborhood, or service club tree planting program.
  • Create an environmental awareness group.