The Complete List

A Report Team of citizen volunteers spent weeks sifting through the hundreds of ideas submitted in each Envision category, then used an affinity analysis process to organize the ideas into related groupings-44 in all. This is the complete list of Environment ideas. For the Vision Guide, the Report Team combined and restated the groupings, and selected ideas that inspired interest and action (see also Current Problems and Other Issues).

  1. Green & Open Space
  2. Beauty & Urban Design
  3. Surface Water
  4. Waste & Pollution

Preserves Green Space & Wetlands

  • Preserve green space [3]
  • Preserve green space, wetland and wilderness areas [3]
  • Wetlands have been preserved [2]
  • Encourage wildlife friendly green areas (forest) vs manicured parks
  • Establish requirements for new building projects to have green space
  • Preserve green space including parks, open areas, trails, ballfields, and golf courses
  • Preserve the wilderness areas in Golden Valley
  • Protection of natural areas, including preservation of General Mills woods/preserve
  • Require new building projects and public spaces to include green spaces [3]
  • Preserve green spaces, wetlands [3]
  • A city known for saving the green areas
  • Create intentional green spaces and require better landscaping in new developments
  • Expand undeveloped natural areas
  • Natural beauty is preserved (e.g., Wirth Park)


  • Many public spaces have green spaces
  • Golden Valley should be visually appealing
  • I would like to see cleaner parks
  • Keep Golden Valley a tree city and have beautiful landscape in and around Golden Valley
  • Lots of trees, flowers, and landscaping
  • Promote more City tree planting - species in Golden Valley are aging

Master Plan

  • Create a comprehensive green space plan for Golden Valley
  • Create a master landscape plan for Golden Valley. Not looking to identify a Golden Valley look or "thou shalt do or not do lists," but an overall approach to city, not just new projects
  • Create a unified open space/planting plan for the city - create unique character for Golden Valley
  • Increase the requirements for green space and plantings for new development to reduce concrete surfaces and help combat noise and air pollution with new plantings.
  • When businesses build they must include a pleasing landscape design

Increase Native Plant Usage

  • Fewer lawns- more prairie grasses and rain gardens
  • Golden Valley should make a major effort to plow expanses of turf grass in city parks back into natural prairies with low maintenance flowers and grasses
  • Seed and maintain areas with native plants

Wildlife Management

  • A healthy environment for all creatures - keep in balance
  • More natural landscaping, building corridors for animals, and little to no use of fertilizer. Maintaining areas such as the General Mills hiking area, keeping any air traffic at bay, use of wind energy.
  • The environment should be top on our list! We want to see the wildlife of Golden Valley protected. One of the things we love about the city is to see wild turkeys, foxes, raccoons, deer and a variety of animals in our backyard.

Promote Community Gardens

  • Creation of community gardens, attracting wildlife (e.g., butterflies), more native vegetation, birdhouses
  • Need community gardens

Environmentally Sensitive Methods of Mosquito Control

  • Better control of mosquitoes in Golden Valley by considering new methods that are environmentally sensitive. This may include using new biotechnologies in plants that repel mosquitoes. [4]
  • Explore new environmental technologies that may repel mosquitoes and other pests (box elders bugs and buckthorns)
  • Elimination of mosquitoes within City limits
  • Use bat houses as natural mosquito control
  • Invasive Plants
  • Increase community awareness and emphasis on native or natural plantings, get rid of invasive plants [4]


  • A memorial garden
  • City gardens
  • City-sponsored plant sale
  • Community vegetable and flower gardens
  • Create a "best gardens" incentive for residents and businesses
  • Decorate city with flowers, pots, etc, - benches, expand Winnetka Commons and conceal parking (behind/underground)
  • Develop a Golden Valley Rose garden
  • Encourage neighborhood Garden Clubs
  • Establish a "city flower" campaign encouraging all residents to plant and display the selected flower(s), e.g., yellow roses, daffodils, goldenrod, lilacs, etc
  • Suburban gardens as a food source

Low Input Lawn Care (LILaC)

  • Less grass, more natural green. Become Midwest pilot to test genetically engineered grass that doesn't require continuing fertilization and mowing. If successful, replace lawns citywide and set code for percentage of area for lawn versus natural plantings, prairies grasses, etc. Ban certain lawn fertilizers and chemical use.
  • No use/decreased used of herbicides/pesticides/fertilizers on lawns
  • Lawn chemical spraying services should be banned. [2]
  • Create more green space and provide incentives for low maintenance lawn care to eliminate the use of fertilizers. New developments should include smart BMP design not including the standard storm water detention ponds.
  • I would like to see greater awareness on the part of residents as to their role in preserving and possibly even improving the quality of the environment. More information on the role of fertilizing, use of chemical products, importance of recycling.
  • Increase awareness of natural lawn and garden care
  • Less fertilizer on lawns as an ordinance. Encourage wildflowers at corporate level as well as residential.
  • Low maintenance yard and park plantings
  • Promote environmentally friendly lawn care
  • Promote grass alternative landscapes through examples and perhaps contests
  • Stop insisting on energy wasting and chemically saturated groundcovers (lawns) everywhere. As Aldo Leopold recommended, let native vegetation grow in open areas rather than clipped European grasses.
  • Yard care seminar-what to do with our aging lawns and landscaping at a price we can afford

Trees / Shrubs / Flowers (Landscaping)

  • Maintain "Tree City USA" status and educate citizens about appropriate tree selection, planting, and care [2]
  • Bring back the lilacs: along the barriers, in parks, and around businesses. Reconnect with the history of "Lilac Drive" the road and neighborhoods. [7]
  • Keep planting trees - residents as well as city staff [3]
  • More than just lilacs planted in public areas. Half the year trees are bare in this climate so we need a balance of pines and red and yellow twig dogwoods for winter color. Helps with noise, air pollution. Variety of year-round vegetation. [2]
  • Develop, with volunteers, massive plantings of yellow daffodils in public areas as part of an annual spring festival.
  • Encourage tree growth and new plantings through incentive program or reduced purchase price.
  • Golden Valley become a development site to grow, test, sell native shrubs
  • Have boulevard trees and flowers
  • Plantings in the parks

Community Awareness

  • Develop Earth Day observation by Golden Valley's various communities, including schools and children [2]
  • Increase community awareness and emphasis on native or natural plantings [2]
  • Develop a Golden Valley Youth Conservation Corps (an educated group of youth from Golden Valley) that would distribute literature, visit residents in the city to help them identify concerns in regard to lawn and tree care. The group felt that this Corps would be available to man booths at civic celebrations and in addition they would be an activists group to help with Park and green space maintenance.
  • Encourage more "ownership" for parks to encourage cleanup
  • Help residents become aware of what they can do to help our environment to thrive.
  • I can see schools, churches, and organizations getting involved to make our living areas more livable with some encouragement
  • More emphasis and encouragement for "groups" to adopt sections of our roadways, bike paths, and parks.

Landscaping Support

  • Create incentives for Golden Valley citizens to beautify the City and neighborhoods.
  • Assist with landscaping for curb appeal and environment.
  • I like the book on split-level home renovation ideas. Maybe there could be a book incorporating some landscape ideas for homes that are typical of the Golden Valley area to reduce lawn areas by increasing shrub and trees plantings, etc.