Join In

Learn More

Use resources at local libraries and universities or online (try the websites below for a start) to learn more about public spaces, trails, festivals, and other recreation issues.

For more information about recreation in Golden Valley, call the City's Parks and Recreation Department at 763-512-2345.

Things You Can Do Now

  • Use local parks for neighborhood and family gatherings.
  • Sign up for one of the many activities and programs available through the Golden Valley Parks and Recreation Department or Seniors Program.
  • Volunteer to help a local youth athletic association, coach a Parks and Rec team, or teach a class.
  • Host a family, neighborhood, or company event at Brookview Golf Course or Community Center.
  • Get to know the city by hiking/biking the local trail system.
  • Adopt a park or trail.
  • Talk to your neighbors about your hobbies. You never know when you'll have shared interests.
  • Form a social club around a special interest (books, hiking, biking, art, music, etc). Take your meetings outdoors during the summer.
  • Volunteer to help plant flowers in public spaces.
  • Help plan and coordinate community events or a local festival like Valley Days.
  • Attend a summer Concert in the Park at Brookview Park.
  • Use the Golden Valley Connection Project to find others with similar recreational interests.