Other Issues

Although these ideas were brought forth in the Transportation category, the Report Team believed they belong in other Envision categories (see also The Complete List and Current Problems).

  • Incentives to use hybrid vehicles (environment)
  • Bassett Creek navigable to Mississippi (recreation)
  • Develop Cross-country trails (recreation)
  • No snowmobiles or ATVs (recreation)
  • Some trails left unplowed for skiing (recreation)
  • Horse corridor (recreation)
  • Develop downtown over 55 via air-rights above street (development)
  • Connect city hall and post office (development)
  • Golden Valley under glass
  • Smaller neighborhood business districts in neighborhoods (development)
  • Connect GV commons and West shopping center strip - easier access (development)
  • Oppose building close to streets (government- zoning)
  • Developments required to design-in commuter parking space