What policy is the City Council considering?

Each year the City reconstructs a portion of its local streets under its Pavement Management Program (PMP). For many years, the City's standard reconstructed street width was 26 feet. In 2019, during the planning and design process for the 2020 (now 2021) PMP project, a number of residents expressed a preference for a 28-foot-wide street. After considering past projects, staff feedback, projected costs, and public input, the Council set 28 feet as the standard local street width.

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1. When was the Pavement Management Program (PDF) Street Width Policy last reviewed?
2. What policy is the City Council considering?
3. Why is the City Council reconsidering the street width policy now?
4. What is the financial impact of wider streets?
5. What are the benefits of a narrower street?
6. What concerns have people expressed about narrower streets?