What's the demand for water?

The three Joint Water Commission (JWC) Cities use about 7 million gallons each day. Water demands of JWC customers have been relatively constant over the past 10 years. During the day, the amount of water used by residences and businesses fluctuates hour by hour. The JWC water storage reservoirs are big enough to meet each day's needs, keeping the water flowing through the pipelines at an adequate pressure to meet customer needs. Water demands in the summer increase dramatically (often up to 17 million gallons each day) when residences and businesses sprinkle their lawns. The most customers have used in a single day was 20 million gallons. Adequate supplies must also be available to provide water to hydrants in the event of a fire.

The JWC operates and maintains reservoirs capable of storing 28 million gallons. Operators usually fill these reservoirs at night to be ready for another day of demands from customers.

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