Why is Golden Valley a leader in this program?

Although Golden Valley has led the Twin Cities metro area in reducing I/I, we are not the leader in Minnesota. Other cities (Duluth, Waseca, Glencoe, Hamburg, Tower) have been working for years to reduce I/I and continue to complete private property inspections as part of the effort. Once Golden Valley's City Council and staff understood the environmental, sanitation, and financial impacts of I/I, they committed to a proactive approach to reduce it. To track progress, staff monitors sewer flow at nine sites throughout the city and groundwater levels at seven sites. However, dry weather conditions in recent years make it difficult to document the true effects of I/I related improvements.

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1. What is inflow and infiltration (I/I)?
2. What's the problem?
3. Why is Golden Valley a leader in this program?
4. When is Golden Valley's inspection required?
5. Why does the City require inspections only for homes that are for sale?
6. If I have the inspection and decide not to sell, do I still need to complete the repairs?
7. Can the buyers assume responsibility for the repairs?
8. How is Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) regulating I/I compliance?