Why is the snowplow backing up on a county highway?

To properly clear intersections of local streets and county highways, the driver must make a right turn from the local street onto the county highway and plow for a short distance. The driver then has to back up past the local street so they are setup to turn right and plow the other side of the local street. Plowing snow involves frequent backing, and it is important to note that vehicles must yield to snowplows while operating and give the snowplow plenty of room to operate. Please remember, don't crowd the plow.

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1. My hill is icy. Can you send someone out to put salt/sand down?
2. My cul-de-sac is icy. Can you send someone to put salt/sand down?
3. Is the City still plowing? If so, where are they? They have not come down my street at all yet.
4. Can you tell me what time the plow will come by my house? I need to leave for work by 11 am.
5. Why is my street never plowed? It hasn’t been plowed all winter!
6. If you don’t know when the plows will come by, can residents just plow the street themselves?
7. Would you please tell the plow driver to slow down?
8. How fast does the driver operate the snowplow?
9. Would the snowplow please not leave snow or leave less snow at the end of my driveway?
10. Could you lift your blade at my driveway? OK then, can you just turn the blade?
11. Can’t you time your plowing a little better to give me time to remove the plow mound from my driveway early in the morning? When I come home from work I cannot get in my driveway.
12. Would the snowplow driver please put more snow on the other side of the street?
13. Can you plow the snow away from (out of) the cul-de-sac, instead of around the cul-de-sac, leaving all of the snow in my yard?
14. I live across the street from a park, would the City please put all the snow on that side of the street?
15. The snowplow hit my garbage/recycling bin and it’s now in the street. What can be done about that?
16. The snowplow damaged my mailbox, who will fix it?
17. The snowplow damaged my yard, who will fix it?
18. Why is the snowplow backing up on a county highway?
19. Why is the street not plowed all the way to the curb?
20. The snow is piled so high it is creating visibility issue. Can the City come out and remove some of the snow mounds?
21. The street is getting narrow, can a plow come widen the road?
22. How many plows does the City have?