• Two Golf Carts with Two Riders on Each
  • Golf Team of Four Guys
  • Golf Team Composed of Older Gentlemen
  • Four Golfers Take a Picture in Their Golf Cart
  • Four Golfers
  • Four Golfers Pose Beside Planters
  • Team of Four Golfers
  • Four Golfers Have Their Picture Taken
  • Two Golfers Share a Golf Cart
  • Two Golfers Sit in a Golf Cart Together
  • Golfers Sitting in Their Cart
  • Four Golfers Pose for a Group Photo
  • Volunteers Handing out Snacks
  • Golf Team Having Each Others Backs
  • Golfers Stop to Pick up Snacks
  • Four Golfers near the Green
  • Allianz Team Members on Hole 10
  • Golfers Beside a Snack Table Containing Granola Bars and Cinnamon Rolls
  • Several Golfers Stand Beside Flower Planters
  • Four Golfers Beside a Golf Cart
  • Golf Team Take a Picture Together
  • Golf Team Looking Confident

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