Board/Commission Application Process

To apply for a Board or Commission fill out an application (below) and email to Tara Olmo at or turn in to the City Manager's Department at City Hall (7800 Golden Valley Rd).

Questions? Contact Tara Olmo at 763-593-3991 or

2021 Joint Council/Board/Commissions Meeting


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The City of Golden Valley’s Boards and Commissions are advisory bodies to the City Council, charged with the responsibility of researching, reviewing, and making recommendations on related issues. They include:

City Council and advisory commissions, committees, and boards will follow the City’s Guidelines For Advisory Boards And Commissions.

+Membership And Terms

  • Membership requirements are set by the City Council. All board and commission members are appointed by the Council.
  • Most board and commission members are appointed to a three-year staggered term. Some board and commissions have youth members, who are appointed to a one-year term. Terms begin in May. All members serve without compensation.
  • Members may be removed, with or without cause, by the City Council.
  • The City Council will not appoint a board or commission member to serve concurrently on more than one board or commission. This procedure may be waived when Council deems it appropriate for a member of an existing board/commission to serve on an ad hoc committee or task force.
  • Members cannot serve on the same board or commission as a member of their immediate family (including spouses, domestic partners, siblings, parents, grandparents, and step-relatives) or members of the same household.


  • As a general guideline, each board or commission should be comprised of a diverse population representing a wide range of groups and interests.
  • Members must be Golden Valley residents but need not have expertise in any particular area. Willingness to serve and be involved are the most important attributes of members. There is an exception to this rule for the Human Services Commission, which also includes five community or business members.
  • The City Council will not consider applications for appointment to any board or commission from City of Golden Valley employees, including full-time, part-time, seasonal temporary, part-time, paid-on-call firefighters or contract employees if such appointment could cause a conflict of interest.
  • Anyone already holding an elective county, state, or federal office shall not be eligible to serve on any citizen board or commission.
  • No commission or board member may enter into a contractual agreement with the City during term of serving, or for a period of one year following service, unless authorized by Minnesota Statutes 471.88.
  • No commission or board member may use his or her position to secure special privilege or exemption for themselves or others, or act in any manner that would give the appearance of, or result in, any impropriety or conflict of interest. Board and commission members are also governed by the Golden Valley Guiding Principles adopted by the Council.

+Youth Membership And Terms

  • The following boards and commissions shall have a youth member appointed: Board of Zoning Appeals, Environmental Commission, Human Rights Commission (2), Human Services Commission, Open Space and Recreation Commission, and Planning Commission.
  • Youth members shall be appointed to one-year terms unless otherwise specified at the time of appointment.
  • Youth members are conferred voting status, except in the case of the Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission.
  • Youth members must be students in grades 9-12 and live or attend school in Golden Valley.

+Annual Report

Each City board and commission shall prepare a report for the Council which includes activities undertaken in the past year, a progress report on the previous year's goals, and goals for the coming year. Annual reports should also include any areas in which the board or commission requests Council direction, assistance, or other reaction.

+Annual Meeting And Presentation Instructions

An annual meeting with the City Council will take place each calendar year, and all current members of each participating board and commission are invited to attend.

Each board and commission will be allotted a specified amount of time, as determined by the City Manager, for presentation of its annual report and discussion with the City Council. Annual reports will be presented by each board and commission chair (or his/her designee).


  • The expiration of a member's term on a board or commission shall be deemed a vacancy. Members may continue to serve beyond the expiration date of their term until a successor is appointed.
  • Board or commission members who resign before their term expires must submit their resignation in writing to the Staff Liaison, who will forward a copy to the City Manager. Resignation of a member before his or her term is expires shall be deemed a vacancy, and the recruitment process shall be initiated unless otherwise determined by the City Manager.
  • If a board or commission member is not able to serve the full length of his or her term due to unexpected circumstances (illness, relocation, death, etc), a vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term shall be deemed to exist and the recruitment process shall be initiated unless otherwise determined by the City Council.
  • All vacancies may be advertised at City Hall, in the SunPost, and on the City's website and social media outlets.


Board or commission members seeking reappointment to another term shall express their interest in being reappointed to the City Manager’s Department. The City Manager’s Department will contact the board or commission members by March 15 of the year their term expires.

+Application Process

  • All individuals interested in serving on a board or commission, including those seeking reappointment, must complete an online application available on the City's website. A representative of the City Manager’s Department will confirm receipt of the application and provide the applicant with information regarding the interview and appointment process.
  • All completed applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the City Council to determine which candidates will move forward in the process.
  • The City shall retain a database of un-appointed applicants for up to one year from initial application date. The City shall notify un-appointed applicants of vacancies within that timeframe.

+Interview Process

  • Candidates may be asked to participate in an interview at the Council/Manager meeting in April (unless otherwise determined by Council), at the discretion of the City Council.
  • The City Manager’s department will be responsible for scheduling candidate interviews.
  • Following completion of candidate interviews, the City Council will evaluate the status of each applicant and inform the City Manager’s Department of its recommendations for appointment.
  • The City Manager’s Department will notify candidates of the status of their application and provide information regarding the next steps in the process.


Appointments shall be made annually by the City Council at the second regularly scheduled meeting in April (unless otherwise determined by Council).

The City Manager’s Department will provide written notification of appointment to new members and inform them of the details of their appointment. The board or commission chair or Staff Liaison will swear in new members at the first meeting they are able to attend. A copy of this information will also be provided to the Staff Liaison.


Staff Liaisons, in conjunction with the City Manager’s Department, will provide orientation for new board and commission members. The Staff Liaison for each board or commission will provide the new member with meeting information, discuss expectations, and review pertinent issues with them prior to the next meeting of the Board or Commission.


The Staff Liaison is responsible for keeping an updated roster of the commission, which should include contact information, term of office, and date of appointment. The Liaison is responsible for notifying the City Manager’s Department about roster changes.


The Council will formally recognize members who have left positions on a board or commission during the previous year at the annual recognition dinner,