GVHSC Mission & Guidelines


  • Identify the community‚Äôs needs for human services.
  • Develop guidelines to evaluate funding requests and allocate funds to human service organizations that meet the identified needs of the community.
  • Determine funds needed and strategies to provide funding through charitable gambling proceeds, fundraisers, or community events.
  • Encourage and enlist participation from the greater Golden Valley community.


  • The service provided is for Golden Valley residents at a time of crisis or need.
  • The services must not be duplicated by a level of government.
  • The service must include cooperation or collaboration between organizations.
  • The organization should use the funds granted by the GVHSC to serve Golden Valley citizens.
  • Funding shall be granted to human service organizations and not to an individual or individuals.
  • Funding will not be granted to any organization licensed in the City for lawful gambling operations.
  • Funding is not intended to be used for salaries or general operating expenses.