City Code

City Campus sign with daffodilsThe City Code comprises the municipal laws adopted by the City Council in the form of ordinances. The Code is in a continuing state of change, as new ordinances are periodically adopted by a vote of the City Council. Some ordinances require a public hearing.

Changes to the City Code become effective the day after publication in the newspaper of record, the New Hope Golden Valley SunPost, unless the ordinance changing the Code provides otherwise.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. General Provisions and Definitions

Chapter 2. Administration and General Government

Chapter 3. Municipal and Public Utilities

Chapter 4. Buildings and Signs

Chapter 5. Alcoholic Beverages Licensing and Regulations

Chapter 6. Other Business Regulation and Licensing

Chapter 7. Right-of-Way Management

Chapter 8. Traffic Regulations

Chapter 9. Parking Regulations

Chapter 10. Public Protection, Crimes, and Offenses

Chapter 11. Land Use Regulation (Zoning)

Chapter 12. Subdivision Regulations (Platting)

Chapter 25. Listing of Uncoded Ordinances in Effect