Police Department

Police Staff

Police Chief

Jason Sturgis

Patrol Commander

Steve Johnson

Operations Commander

Dave Kuhnly

Administrative Sergeant

Jeff Johnson

The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) provides law enforcement and progressive community service, including patrol, investigation of crimes, prosecution of offenders, and crime prevention. Under the direction of the police chief, the GVPD includes two commanders, seven sergeants, 22 police officers, six community service officers, a crime analyst, and 3 administrative assistants.

For a closer look at the GVPD, read our Annual Report .

The GVPD is involved in many multi-jurisdictional enterprises, including the six-city Northwest Metro Drug Task Force and a three-city Emergency Response Team.

Community Outreach

Police Staff

Detective Sergeant

Jeff Johnson

The Community Outreach Unit was developed in 2013 through restructuring to help us better serve the community in regards to community policing, reduction of juvenile violence, and responsiveness to the public. The Unit includes one crime analyst/support services supervisor, one sergeant, and two patrol officers who help tackle problems within Golden Valley with a four-prong approach: interaction, identification, enforcement, and education.

The concept of community policing is a fundamental part of the GVPD. The Crime Prevention Unit has been educating residents and businesses for more than 25 years, and the CounterAct drug education program (a collaboration between the GVPD and the Hazelden Foundation) has been taught in all Golden Valley elementary schools for more than10 years. These and many other activities work toward building relationships and safer communities, providing information, and addressing concerns as best as we can together, all while making personal contacts and connections with neighborhood residents, community groups, and businesses.

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In collaboration with the community we serve, members of the Golden Valley Police Department take pride in delivering timely, impartial, and professional police services while reducing crime through prevention education, community outreach, and criminal justice partnerships. Our department is organized into three divisions: Patrol, Investigations, and Support Services.

  • Patrol
  • Investigations
  • Support Services



*This is not a 24-hour emergency response number. If you need police response, please call 911.

The patrol division consists of 6 patrol sergeants and 16 patrol officers whose primary duties include incident response, traffic enforcement and crime prevention. Responding to over 20,000 calls for service each year, they work diligently along side our citizens in keeping our City safe.


Detective Sergeant

Dave Kuhnly

The Investigations unit consists of six detectives that provide follow-up investigation to criminal incidents and major cases and prepare the cases for charging to the City or County attorney. We have investigators specializing in retail and general case investigations and also have a member on the Northwest Metro Drug Taskforce and the Hennepin County Violent Offender Task Force.
In addition, the unit assigned one of the detectives as a school resource officer for a few hours each day to the Robbinsdale school district.


Crime Analyst/Support Services Supervisor

Joanne Paul

Support Services is responsible for records, animal control, and crime analysis. The records section maintains all case reports, enters information relevant to criminal histories and fingerprints, serves as the reception point for the police department, and assists in preparing criminal cases for prosecution.

Six community service officers comprise our animal control unit. They are responsible for responding to animal calls and maintaining and caring for the pets at the City’s animal impound facility.

The crime analyst compiles the monthly department statistics as well as coordinates intelligence information to assist officers and detectives.

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