Recreational Fire Permit

+ What's considered a recreational fire?

recreational fire

Recreational fires are outdoor fires that burn only wood. They shall not be used for the disposal of yard waste, construction materials, or common household trash, and leaves, trash, or garbage must not be burned or used as starting material.

+ Do I need a permit?

Yes. Permits are free and are valid until December 31 of the year issued. Please review the requirements below before applying.

  • Apply/Renew Online: Once you've submitted your application, you will receive an email confirmation (if you supply a valid email address) that will serve as your permit.
  • Apply/Renew In Person: Visit the Public Safety building (7800 Golden Valley Rd) 24 hours daily.

You will lose your permit for one year for violating any of the provisions below.

+ Requirements For The Fire Site

  • Fire must be a safe distance away from any structure (25 feet is a recommended safe distance).
  • Fire must be contained within an area:
    • three feet or less in diameter and three feet or less in height
    • completely surrounded by noncombustible and nonsmoke- or odor-producing material (either natural rock, cement brick, tile, or block of metal only)
    • depressed below ground, on the ground, or on a raised bed (this includes manufactured fireplaces)
  • A garden hose or other adequate means of extinguishment shall be available for emergency purposes.

See the complete recreational fire ordinance in City Code Chapter 12-23.

+ Conditions Required For The Fire

  • Fire must be constantly attended by a responsible person over age 18 until extinguished. Fire must be fully extinguished when unattended.
  • During the time a recreational fire is burning, the Recreational Fire Permit must be available upon request by the City Manager or designee.
  • Winds cannot exceed 10 MPH (check the National Weather Service for current weather and wind conditions). The prevailing winds at the time of the burning must be away from nearby residences.
  • No flammable or combustible liquid shall be used.
  • Leaves, trash, or garbage must not be burned or used as starting materials.
  • The wood shall be clean and produce little detectable smoke or odor.
  • The City Manager or designee is authorized to require that recreational fires be immediately discontinued if smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding properties or if the City Manager or designee determines that the fire constitutes a dangerous condition or public nuisance.
  • When prohibited by action of any state or federal agency, recreational fires are not permitted. To assure camp fires/recreational fires are allowed, check with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resouces for burning restrictions.