Renting Out Your Home

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The responsibilities that go along with being a landlord and a tenant are governed not only by the State, but also by local ordinances. Golden Valley City Code (Section 16-53) requires all residential property owners who rent out their property to be licensed.

The City passed this ordinance to help ensure the continued health, safety, and welfare of all Golden Valley residents who live in rental properties and in surrounding neighborhoods. Since operating a rental property is a business, doing so also requires that certain responsibilities and standards be upheld.

Properties That Require Licensing

  • Single family homes
  • Duplexes/twinhomes
  • Townhomes
  • Condominiums
  • Group homes/homes with services (except those already licensed by the State--see below)
  • Multi-family (three or more units) complexes

Failure to get a rental license may lead to misdemeanor charges.

Properties Exempt From Licensing

  • Retail, commercial, and industrial rentals
  • State-licensed nursing homes, group homes, and assisted living facilities
  • Homes rented to relatives

Getting A License

The licensing process takes about 30 days.

  1. Download, complete, and print application packet, or request an application be mailed to you by calling the City's Property Maintenance Inspector at 763-593-8074. When completing the application, be aware of the following:
    • The application must be filled out completely with the owner's name, address, phone number, local agent, and emergency contact information. A local agent is required if the property owner lives outside of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Service Area (Counties of Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Scott, Washington, Sherburne, or Wright).
    • A Department of Revenue information form must be completed for all NEW applications. If applicant is an individual, the personal information section must be completed, including social security number. If applicant is a business, the business information section must be completed, including Minnesota and Federal tax identification numbers.
    • Applicants must be current on property taxes and utility accounts at all times. Do not submit an application if there is any outstanding debt owed. 
  2. Deliver completed application with $125 fee to the Golden Valley Public Safety Building, or mail application with fee to Fire Department, Attn: Jill Lund, 7800 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN 55427.
  3. Per Ordinance No. 435 Section 2.1, no licenses will be issued/renewed until all fees, charges, taxes, special assessments, and other debts or obligations that are due from the applicant are paid in full. This means the City of Golden Valley water and sewer utility bill also needs to be paid in full before licenses are renewed. No amount can be certified.
  4. Once a complete application and fee are received, you will be contacted to schedule a health safety inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. If no violations are found, you will be issued a license through the mail. If violations are found, you will be given a designated period to fix them. The application packet includes interior and exterior checklists to help you prepare for an inspection.

If you have questions about the rental licensing process, call 763-593-8057.

Maintaining Your License

Licenses must be renewed annually. After an initial inspection, rented homes would be inspected fully about once every three years, assuming there are no complaints. License fees are not prorated.

Golden Valley's Property Maintenance Code requires all property to be in good repair and non-hazardous. Although tenants have an obligation to help keep a rental property in compliance with community standards, the owner is liable for any violations. It is ultimately the landlord’s responsibility to ensure safe and sanitary living conditions within the rental property. This includes owner-occupied portions of the rental property as well as public/shared areas in buildings with two or more units. Both landlords and tenants are responsible for preventing insect and rodent infestation as well as any necessary extermination. 

Rental License Inspections & Renewal Dates

The following rental homes will be inspected for building and fire code compliance every three years:

  • Single-family homes: July 1
  • Twin homes/duplexes: May 1
  • Condominiums/townhomes: Sept 1
  • Group homes/homes with services (if not already licensed by the State): Nov 1

Multi-family/apartment rental property common spaces and exteriors will be inspected for fire code compliance every year; 1/3 of an apartment complex's units will be inspected each year.

To schedule a rental license inspection, call 763-593-8057 or 763-593-8074.

Why License Rental Property?

By requiring rental properties to be licensed, the City can help ensure owners, operators, and managers are taking reasonable steps to provide a safe, secure, and sanitary environment for tenants and neighboring residents. Rental property owners/managers are also responsible for providing a reasonably noise-, nuisance-, and annoyance-free residence.

Rental licenses and minimum standards for upkeep also help maintain property values and assure the preservation of the City’s existing housing supply. 

If you have questions, contact the Property Maintenance Inspector at 763-593-8074.