Selling Your Property & Moving Out

moving supplisePoint of Sale Inspection

The City of Golden Valley City requires all properties to have a sanitary sewer inspection before they are advertised for sale. Property owners must obtain a Certificate of I/I Compliance from the City before selling or transferring title of property. Properties that don’t pass inspection will be issued a correction notice.

Please call the City at 763-593-8030 to verify that your property is in need of certification before beginning the I/I certification process.

Inspection Process

See I/I inspection process.


The application fee is $250 for residential properties and $750 (per building) for commercial or multi-unit buildings.

Why is this required?

The Point of Sale ordinance is intended to help reduce peak sanitary sewer flows caused by Inflow and Infiltration (I/I), or flow of clear water into the sanitary sewer system. The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), which provides regional wastewater collection and treatment for the metropolitan area, requires the City of Golden Valley to reduce peak flows to the regional wastewater collection system. These inspections allow the City to ensure that private properties have no illegal connections to the sanitary sewer system or pipe defects that contribute to excess peak flow discharges.

Final Meter Reading

Anywhere from four weeks to two days before closing, call the Utility Billing office at 763-593-8016 to schedule a final water meter reading and provide a forwarding address for your final bill.