Phone Solicitations: Local Police Fundraising Organization Is Not Affiliated With Golden Valley Police Department

In the last two weeks, many metro area residents have reported receiving phone calls that imply the caller is soliciting funds for the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD).

The Golden Valley Police Department is not making these solicitation calls. The calls are coming from a national police fundraising organization located in Golden Valley but in no way affiliated with the GVPD.

Because of the volume of inquiries the GVPD has received about these calls, it has contacted the organization making the calls and suggested the phrasing and messaging of their calls be reworded to make it clear what organization they are calling from and who would benefit from any donations.

As always, anyone considering sending money to any organization is advised to carefully review the details in advance to ensure a full understanding of how the donation will be received and used.

Questions? Contact the GVPD at 763-593-8079.

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