City Debuts New Website

To better serve the community, the City of Golden Valley launched a revamped website Aug 30 featuring improved navigation, streamlined and accessible information architecture, up-to-date technology, and plentiful images that reflect the community’s personality. It also has a simplified domain name:

All development, writing, and design was completed in-house by the City’s communications staff. To start the process, staff conducted focus groups with citizens and staff. People wanted a simple, easy to use design and showed a strong desire for a more attractive, inviting, vibrant website that reflected Golden Valley’s image and provided a good first impression of the community.

Next step: extensive research on website development, with a particular focus on government websites. Using free resources available through professional organizations, staff consulted with colleagues across the country about successful tools, techniques, and trends. After prioritizing goals and resources, staff began reorganizing and redesigning the massive site and rewriting content to reflect today’s preferred website standards.

The previous City website was designed in 1999, with enhancements added over the years. The new website features space-saving drop-down menus and navigation tools, ample graphics and color, use of free or low-cost third-party applications to provide interactive maps, calendars, and forms, and more. It represents a major step forward for the City and will continue to evolve with the addition of new applications and interactivity.

Bookmarks to the old site will no longer work, so be sure to reset them.

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