Help Golden Valley Celebrate Its 125th

Golden Valley will have its 125th anniversary next year, and it’s not too soon to start thinking of ways to celebrate.

Golden Valley resident Marshall Tanick is spearheading a Bridge Builder’s group to start planning a series of celebratory events, with ideas ranging from student essay contests to historical programs to volunteer service activities. He also suggests tweaking some existing community activities to include an anniversary component.

But to pull this off, the group will need a lot of participation, lots of good ideas, and early-on organization. A Bridge Builder’s meeting was held Sept 22 to discuss planning these events; 14 people representing a variety of Golden Valley organizations attended. The group decided to hold a series of events throughout 2011 to celebrate Golden Valley’s 125th anniversary and will form a steering committee to meet in late October and finalize plans by mid-November.

If you’re interested in helping Golden Valley and its residents make the City’s 125th birthday a memorable one, contact Sandy Werts at to be put on the group’s mailing list, or call her at 763-512-2341.

Golden Valley’s Envision Connection Project Bridge Builders is a community organization that gives individuals and groups a way to connect with others who share similar interests and then mobilize them to engage in beneficiary projects.

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