Police Provide Safety Information After Coyote Attack

A small dog was attacked last weekend by a coyote in the southwestern part of Golden Valley. The coyote was scared off by the homeowners and the dog is recovering after receiving emergency treatment.

The Golden Valley Police Department has been receiving calls from residents who have seen coyotes in the area over the last year, but until this time they had not had any incidents reported involving a coyote injuring pets.

Coyotes generally weigh between 20-30 pounds and stand about 24 inches at the shoulder.  The coyote looks similar to a smaller shepherd-type dog with long pointed muzzle, bushy tail, large ears, and long legs. They travel the most between dusk and dawn and generally sleep during the day.

What to do:

  • Keep your cat(s) or small dog indoors. Coyotes are capable of scaling fences up to six feet high and will also dig under fences.
  • Accompany your small dog on a leash in a well lighted area at night for walks. It’s best to walk small dogs on a leash in the day time.
  • Try to scare coyotes by making loud noises every time you see them so they will retain their natural fear of mankind.

What NOT to do:

  • Leave pet food and water outside, particularly at night
  • Leave your compost bin accessible
  • Leave grill drippings
  • Allow pets to roam from home, especially at night
  • Leave garbage containers open
  • Shoot them. It is illegal to discharge any kind of firearm within the City.
  • Attempt to poison or trap them. It is against the law.

If you have any questions, please contact the Golden Valley Police Department at 763-593-8079 or police@goldenvalleymn.gov.

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