City’s 911 Dispatch Service Will Switch Over Dec 16

Golden Valley’s new 911 dispatch provider will take over services starting Thursday, Dec 16, at 9 am. The switch from St Louis Park dispatch to the City of Edina should be seamless, says Golden Valley Police Chief Stacy Altonen. The Police Department will make test calls Thursday morning to make sure everything is running smoothly.

“All technical components have been tested and retested,” Altonen says. “We anticipate residents won’t notice any differences with the changeover.”

Golden Valley’s choice to switch dispatch providers, made by the City Council Sept 7, is a cost-saving issue, says City Manager Tom Burt. The City had contracted 911 dispatch services through the City of St Louis Park since 1994, which in 2010 charged Golden Valley $305,000 and as much as $337,000 in other years.

Changing to Edina dispatch services will save the City up to $100,000 in 2011 and up to $150,000 each year after that, making this a good, fiscally smart budget decision, Altonen says.

Golden Valley will pay Edina a one-time $25,000 administrative fee, annual charges of $178,140, and will contribute to technology and staff upgrades. Golden Valley’s contract with St Louis Park expires Dec 31.

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